The new GUI Experimental

so i was just on rust Experimental and noticed when i moved wood from one slot to another, if you move your mouse to the top of the icon it moves all of it, and incrementally down the icon till you reach the bottom which is 1.

this is a swift method of moving required amounts of resources around your inventory.

We will have to see if it’s effective on a battlefield or on a raid.

anyone else notice any little improvements ?

tbh I’d prefer they just had a system where if you left click, you take the entire thing, if you right click, you can have the option of choosing X amount that you want to take. The scrolling thing is kinda weird atm because it’s hard to grab the entirety if your trying to do it fast, and also its hard to get exact amounts if your only trying to remove a specific amount.

Also, I’m very concerned on how this unlimited stacking is going to effect raiding, I mean. before if you got raided, you needed groups of people to take all of the loot, or you would have to take multiple trips which is risky.

I don’t understand the logic behind making it so that you can’t carry foundations on a person, but it’s ok for them to be able to carry 1000000000x amount of wood that is required to make that foundation…it’s just some stupid logic that doesn’t work.

They are adding an encumbrance system as it is all ready there in the gui (all though not yet functional).