The New Guy Gets His First Quest

I’m going to spout random shit filled shit edits for screenshot section.

the guy on the right and left aren’t casting shadows, so it makes them look like they’re floating

look again

at their feet

added shadows

^I lol’ed, awesome new shadows.

The editing and posing on the dude on the middle is great.
But yeah the guy at the left looks like he is floating.

he is from t he future, he has no needs for walking. it just looks like he is walking because that is the movement you need to make to move on planet BLARUSHA

first picture reminds me of that snow part in deus ex 2 which was pretty boss.

Ohh sorry for been so close minded, I didnt know about that.

the snow reminds me of my jizz splattering everywhere from falling onto people from the CN tower in Toronto

it’s alright, i don’t get half the things i do or say anyway.

fair enough


WAIT NO not fair enough

they’re closer to the fire and they have shadows


And then I’ve gone camping every summer and I for sure can tell you that I have shadows behind my feet

and we have a fire pit

dude,a picture can’t be perfect
nobody really cares about missing small details,it’s the overall picture that counts…
and this one is nice,even without those unnoticeable shadows

I’m not asking for perfection I am just pointing it out

Sheesh you should be happy I’m pointing it out yo
it’s like you expect everyone to say “Oh yeah that’s nice.” or “That’s good.”

I’m glad when ONE thing is pointed out even if it’s small

i’m glad you point it out

i improve next picture, for make pefrect.