The New Guy's Attempt at Gmod

Ok so I’m not so much new to G-mod as I am new to this site. Which I already made obvious because I posted this in the wrong section earlier. So let us try this again.

I took a couple dozen ragdolls and started to mess with posing and had a lot of fun in the process.

I figured I would post them here to see if I couldn’t get some critique on my posing ability as well as some feedback on how to properly work the post processing tool.

Before we start though…
Yeah they all take place in GM_construct, which is small, constrictive, and kinda dull but for what I was doing it served its purpose. I really want to work in the L4D campaign levels but I can’t find anything on them.

Hopefully the pics work here…if they don’t I’ll post a steam cloud link to them at the end.

**1. Flesh Pounder vs. Big Daddy

This was the first pose I ever did in Gmod back in September. Its simple enough. Two video game monsters goin at it like Lugosi and Karloff. It also is my first attempt at post processing, which gives it a comic book look, but you can probably tell I need help in the matter.

2. Overbeck Aftermath

Round two. A few days before this past Christmas I made this simple shot of the survivors just being survivors. Looking onto whatever they gotta face in the coming onslaught. Francis looks as badass as ever, Zoey looks a little off mostly from the face pose I gave her, But Louis stands out the most. The man interned in Tokyo, loves Half-Life and Counter Strike, and was given a sword by Zoey in the Sacrifice trailer. That was my thought process for doing his pose. And god help me I almost put a third sword on his hip (cuz I am SUCH a sucker for One Piece). Friend of mine said I should put pills in place of a third sword so there you go.

**3. That is not dead which can eternal lie…

This one is my favorite pic thus far. Each of these freaks by themselves is enough to make me shit a brick, and even if they weren’t, you put em all in the same room and it’s game over. Also, I think I did a bit better on the Post Processing this time. (Not that it’s difficult to make everything red…)

4. With and Without Liberty.

Dear god I need to find a good level to do this stuff in…Construct’s skybox looks like some atomic blast just went off.

I may have said that the previous pic is my favorite, but this one I had the most fun with. It’s also one I have most to say about. I like how random it is having all these different characters. Kinda like that old All-Stars Anti Drug Cartoon Movie…thing. You never expected to see all these characters in one game/ setting.

Anyway, at first I wanted Liberty Prime, H.U.N.K., Ghost, and Ayane to just be standing over some unseen guy with H.U.N.K. pullin a gun to said guy’s head. Ayane is holding the shotgun weird because it’s supposed to be like its strapped to her shoulder and it’s just kind of hanging there but I couldn’t find a good way to make a strap. Prime…didn’t really seem to belong in this grouping. After really looking at it for a bit, it seemed that everyone in the picture was supposed to be a black-ops/stealth kinda character, which honestly Prime isn’t known for subtlety. (He’s known for being awesome.) Also I couldn’t find the right weapon for him to use. I wanted a Power Hammer from Fallout 3 but nobody seems to have one made. The hammer he’s using here is from a generic Melee model package I found on

So I took Prime out and replaced him with two characters: Sheva Alomar and Altair. No real reason for those two other then the fact they looked the part.

Here’s a list of Steam Cloud links in case the pictures don’t work:

  1. Flesh Pounder vs Big Daddy
  2. Overbeck Aftermath
  3. That is not dead which can eternal lie…
  4. With and Without Liberty

If anyone has some idea for levels/ ragdolls/ weapons/ etc. I could use for future pics lemme know. And if you guys know anyone with worthwhile tutorials I would appreciate that as well.

The new guy hopes to hear from ya’ll. :slight_smile:

Don’t use Construct.

Also, work on your angles. Zoom in with the camera tool a little.

The posing is not half bad, to be honest. Especially in “Overbeck Aftermath” or whatever it is.

Also, if you need better guns:

Other then some of the filters, you’ve got some good angles and half-decent posing so you’re of to a good start.

Yeah I’m startin to see why people groan at construct pics for the most part. And my god that is a lot of guns! Thanks for the link.

I fucking hate when people don’t know the purpose of ‘toy town effect’

Mind saying what the purpose is, cause all it does for me is blur the top and bottom of the screen… unless that is the purpose…

Apparently it is used to simulate a miniature scene. Often used on pictures where the point of view is higher off the ground? I’m still not 100% sure.

Another term for Toy Town is Tilt Shift used in photography, which is what i looked up in wikipedia.

Though judging from the definition, it does seem like I’m using them incorrectly. It seems to work on the monster pic, however.

But you gotta expect the new guy to not know the purpose of some tools.

For a new guy, You’re alright.