The new inventory stacking is so horrific.

Am I the only one who thinks the way items stack and drag around is horrific at the moment? It is so hard to just pick up a full stack of wood for example and drag it around. The sliding up and down method is in no way fluid to play with. It is so bad imo that I just can’t enjoy the game at all, because the whole game is based about crafting, resources and surviving. Why make this core gameplay aspect so hard to do? Even the old way of splitting and dragging item stacks was better than this.

I suggest that clicking a stack of items anywhere just picks up the whole stack, but make it so you can scroll with your middle mouse button when hovering over an item stack to select different amounts. I think this will make the gameplay much more fluid.

I really hope one of the Rust devs reads this, because this particular aspect really needs a change.

I like new stack system. And you, go away =)

Just because you like the new stack system doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement.
Also, just because you disagree with me I have to go away? There’s a thing called opinions.

I agree, it’s rather difficult to get all of something and move it around quickly.

I liked the old way of using shift and Ctrl to determine all or by integers of 10 of something.

Maybe if double clicking on an item would select all of it, that could be a good compromise?

Control + Click should select all, while moving the mouse up and down above the item should be the way to select how much you want to grab. <-- or vice versa of course :slight_smile:

I think having a default of just grabbing all of a stack when you drag it with a ctrl modifier for selecting an amount is a great idea. Most times when youre moving something youre moving all of it, so it makes sense for that to be default.

Nah the new stacking system is bugged. They will probably fix it anyway

Its Pretty Nice to get the X mass easily
But in an Action Situation its totally useless, you always let more than 50% back in the loot

I think they should only have this enabled when people want to split stacks, it’s a good way to split.

how about drag and drop.
Right click = our Split system i would rather it like that

I don’t see why this wouldn’t work.

Left click grabs whole stack.
shift + left click opens a small window where you enter a number you want.
Thats the way 90% of games do it (that I’ve seen)

Sometimes different isn’t better.