The new Manifest feature, what does it do?

Title says it all.

There’s a new feature in Hammer, which is called Manifest… What does it do, exactly?

I’d experiment with it but my SDK (along with almost everyone’s) is screwed up.

(Please don’t post about the SDK being broken, I just want to know what the Manifest does.)

Manifest I think lets you map with multiple people at a time. Even though you told me not to, I am anyways. The SDK was fixed like an hour ago.

Manifest you can equate in similar regards to photoshop layers. They basically do instancing behind the scene, but allow you to create logical layers to place and organize however you choose. You could have a layer with just sound entities, or with one corner of a map, etc. It also allows you to easily slip up a map into chunks so that multiple people could work on sections at the same time. They are also tied into perforce, though I’m not sure if that made it out to the public release.

So it’s like an overhaul of the visgroups system?

I have been playing with it since the SDK got updated a couple weeks ago.

It can be thought of like a vis group, but makes it so you can ‘visgroup’ them, then send it to a friend to work on, then intigrate back into the map with ease.

Makes it so you can keep working on a map, while you have someone else work on another part, or lighting, or sound, or… anything.

So this would be perfect for either the putt putt golf, or apartments mapping projects going on right now. (if gmod was SE2009 ready)