The New Map

I like the way the devs are going with the map and i’m not sure if there is some special explanation for this? Is something planned later on in development to explain the extreme amount of rocks? I sure hope that there is. That shouldn’t be all you see when you look into the distance No Offense to the devs.

Looks like a thumb.

They probably had a script auto-generate all of the rocks for them rather than placing them by hand. Looks like it was a bit overzealous.

Looks like Rust development has been a bit bumpy.

Some of the pre-made’s in rad zones cant even be accessed because they are 90% covered in rock.

There needs to be like big dense forests, deserts and maybe rivers and stuff. its all just rocks, grass and very little trees. Also needs to be more towns.

Looks a little strange

Definitely too much rocks :s ]
And they aren’t even nice places to build, just littered everywhere on the map… :confused:
I’m more than happy for a new map, but only seeing rocks in the distance is a bit lame.
maybe make a desert-ish area with the rocks, then some forest land, then some plains and whatnot… This just seems odd.

I think they will perfect it. They just need time

cant build on topa rocks :confused:

your altitude looks a little strange as well … someone be superjumping ? 1000

Dont go around accusing others.

I’m guessing you were home schooled or something … Here is a little punctuation lesson for you.

this mark here : ?

that is called a ‘question mark’, it indicates that someone is asking a question.

An accusation would look more like this : “someone be superjumping.” or “someone be superjumping!” or “Dont go around accusing others.” (oh the irony of the last one)

Your grammar is fucked up stop posting.

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you need to learn grammer. you’re grammer is like a college graduates u dumby.

I’m sorry, I’m about to be that guy (I think you all know who I’m referring to), and if I offend you I’m sorry.
Here goes.

Please don’t correct other people’s grammar, with incorrect grammar and spelling.

(unless that was intended to be a joke, in which case, just ignore my rambling)

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I’m homeschooled myself, but I run into a shockingly high number of people online who don’t know basic grammar or punctuation. It’s quite sad, really.

Yea. Please. LEt’s add lot’s of areas in the map while the game is running on the webplayer. This totally won’t drop the framerate by 50

I can’t explain how much stupidity is within you.

The auto generation of the rocks dropped the FR a ton, and now its causes a lot of crashes on the players end.

Can we just remove the rocks or remove 90% of them since this game is still on a web player? When the game is released on Steam(even privately) then reconsider the rocks and pray the auto generation does not just over kill it.

Before going around trying to correct others…maybe you should look into the entire sentence. A mere question mark does not make it a clear question. In fact since you are missing some key words(IE: helping verbs) it does look like you are accusing him of super jumping. “someone be superjumping?” is considered the same as the ones you quoted as you are missing helping verbs and your intent is not well known due to lack of sentence structure. Even “someone be superjumping” is a improper sentence structure and the mere stating of it comes off as accusing. Asking it as a question would of been along the lines of “Are you super jumping?” It is clear you do not know all of the in game F1 commands.

Helping verbs do help get the question across without making sure your sentence is college level.

I have to agree the left part of the rocks that the player is standing on does indeed look like a thumb.

But overall great jobs devs with the map.