The New mappers Chalenge

I know this board is not as fancy as the others, but hey it is a map challenge for new beginners. The map challenge is to give a great head start on to making more maps for beginners and to give them more of a notice in the mapping world. I am also just a beginner but I am going to support everyone who enters and whoever wins the challenge will get lots of reconition, or a prize.

!Please send me if you want to enter because I am getting mixed replies with I`d join and it is getting confusing so please just message me.!

From anyone on this board that want to partake message me the place you want to be in, we only need one more judge. Thanks.


  1. No bribing the judges
  2. Make it from scratch
  3. Have fun!
  4. Be creative, the judges don`t want to see a version of flat grass, with bricks.
  5. Don`t flame anyone on this board give them constructive criticism, not plain negative.
  6. Must be a new mapper from one month or less.


  1. Tyler (tyler4768)
  2. Roleplay World
  3. Spartan One
  4. G71tc4
  5. One more!

Less experienced Contestants:

  2. avwos

More experienced Contestants:

  1. Jakobi
  2. HiddenMyst

I want to troll some noobs, can I sign up?

Sure, as long as you are a new mapper like one month new or less.

Contest to see who can use carve less?

Godzillaa what do you mean?


By that -forgot that bit.


The message in the beginning does not have bad spelling. I do recognize that I spelt recognition wrong but I went on to Word Perfect and that is the only spelling error I have.

Ill judge.


I’ll judge, but I’m working on a COD4 Texture pack, so I can’t answer every 5 minutes.

It usually helps if there is a theme to map to.

Ok, the theme could be anything but lets see what the theme could be,


This contest was doomed from the start.

The theme can be anything! If you want to have a theme then please choose `cause I suck at thinking of themes.

Doesn’t help when the person posting the thread is totally new to the forums and obviously speaks english as a 4th language.

The theme can be carving displacements.

Too many challenges these days

English is my first language.

Here’s my entry

And yes, there are way too many challenges these days

I have to go now so just enter my sending a message or just post on the board, I can keep up with the posts.

Okay, how about this.

Limit the map to, 3072,3072,3072

Any Source game. A vmf and bsp must be given to all judges. And must have some sort of gameplay.

If you choose to map for a mod the following are acceptable.

Zombie Panic Source
Zombie Master
Fistfull of frags