The new Meta of Exploits in Rust

Seattle is down, so I am posting my thoughts on current issues in rust.

These days, I see more and more hackers get banned. They get banned when we report, as they are causing the problems. We still lose our stuff, but they are gone. That is good.

The new problem is the people who have hacker friends. They not only tolerate cheating, they are exploiting the cheats themselves without punishment.

There are several people who are notorious for exploiting cheats on Seattle. C the Professional and his alter hacking ego C the Killer are the main culprits who stand out as constant deviants. C the Professional will call in a friend who is fly hacking, aim botting and esp hacking whenever he is unable to successfully raid with legit mechanics. These players will obtain the guns, armor, and resources for C the Professional, as well as grant them access to blocked/locked off tool cupboards.

The definition of an exploit as it pertains to gaming is using a glitch, bug, or in this case the hacks of others, to gain an unfair and unintended advantage over other players. By definition, calling in friends who hack to benefit while not hacking one’s self is still an exploit.

Exploiters are punished in other games, but not in rust. As there are many exploits such as the south side wall glitch and the low graphical wall hack that are unfixed in the game because of the limitations of the current build that are not punished, does this mean that using someone else to hack for you will not be punished either?

This is a question that needs to be addressed.

It seems that the question is already being addressed.

2 Days ago a player got banned because of “tolerating cheats”.

Don’t play officials, they attract all the hackers. I left London 1 6 months ago and never looked back

I too was playing on FP New York and had hacker change his name to mine multiple times resulting in my account being banned… its disappointing to say the least I was really getting into the game.

Reports dont get you banned Payed cheats do/playing with cheaters

This doesn’t have anything to do with OP’s topic…

You are looking for logic in regards to how the official servers get moderated.

Facepunch really don’t care about their official servers man, move on to a community server you like that has an active admin.

It’s a shame the official servers exist really, I bet new Rust players dive in there as their first server and it gives a really bad impression at what this game can be.