The new poll about admin abuse is irrelevant.

Most of the rust community is a player, the minority is an admin. The players will vote on not disabling admin item spawn message. The admins will vote on yes. It think that it is not quite right. I agree that players have to be able determine whether the admin is abusing everyone else on his own server for the admins make the body of most of the servers in rust but they should not be stripped of having a little privacy either. This vote is a yes or no while it should be a both.

Lets make it an option, turned on as a default. Admins can turn it off but the server browser will get an option to browse by a honesty measure, turned off by default. Honesty measure includes whether are these anti-abuse options on or off, and whether players give votes to the server. A player can vote and remove that vote, but not ever downvote preventing that people may ruin that measure by doing so. In the end, servers without abuse prevention may be sorted out but may still get a chance from players who played on it. Everyone can play and host whatever he desires and nobody will be stripped or forcefully clothed of anything.

I agree, it’s definitely not a fair vote. I’m actually surprised the votes to remove it are as high as they are.

personally i couldn’t give a damn if the admins spawn things, so at least 1 player is voting yes to removing the messages.

As admin I have voted for to stay…

I vote yes too, but not because I dont give damn. It hink that this feature should be either implemented correctly or not at all. It is still not that fair but we atleast wont have it in a bad way.

The whole point is that vanilla servers are the “honest mature” servers. Admins can turn it off using a mod, that will put them in the modded tab. So seems like it works how you want it?

I said in my other post that I think a better way to fix this issue would be to announce to the server if/when a player is killed using a weapons that was spawned in by the admin.

That way server owners can still experiment in privacy. But players will still know the second an admin starts to actually “abuse” that power.

But server owners will still be able to spawn in a million wood/rock/hqm and do whatever they want. Seems like this way works without any drawbacks. If you want to test set the max player count to 1 and join.

What about weapons crafted by resources spawned by the admin? Should walls created by those glow bright red? What if someone raided an admin base or happened upon a pile of resources spawned by an admin, will all the weapons crafted by that spam the chat as well? Ideas like this can very quickly become very convoluted, hard to implement and easy to find ways around when you can just go for a much simpler catchall solution.

I’d much prefer how it currently is…I haven’t seen much of an issue with everyone crying abuse for a hammer spawn aside from one or two arsey people who like to be pedantic about it, but everyone just tells them to shut up / find another server if they don’t like it. The rest of the ‘ABUUUUUSE’ people just say it as a joke because of the people that actually take it seriously.

It’s a good step towards building trust on a server as well…Most servers suffer from an admin shortage, but the problem is me and I can imagine a lot of other people are not comfortable at all with the idea of an admin also being an active player on the server because there will always be that suspicion that they cheekily spawn stuff for themselves or are able to case places they want to raid, and owners are also weary of getting any new admins because they could easily destroy the server or it’s reputation if they start abusing.

I don’t totally disagree with the spawn announcement feature. I know it’s an issue. I just think it needs refining.

For example if I spawned a ton of building materials to try out some stability ideas only to then remove it all when I’m done, I don’t see that as abuse. But if I spawn a gun and go on a rampage, that is abuse.

Say I spawn the materials whilst people are online, they see it. They think I’m building a castle, they don’t know I’ve removed it. Their immediate thought is “admin abuse”. But I spawn an assault rifle whilst everyone’s offline, then go on a rampage. No one saw it, so no one thinks anything on it. But if you were to alert the server when someone was hit by a spawned weapon, now the whole server has physical proof of admin abuse.

I guess part of the issue here is that what some admins define as abuse is different to players.

I wouldn’t be too happy with seeing admins spawning tons of resources even if it was ‘just to test stuff’…If I wanted to test something, I would have to either go and farm the resources myself and do it, join a modded server or start my local server, so why should I find it OK for an admin player to be able to do it without any of the effort? Even if they remove it afterwards they are still bypassing all of the effort any other player on the server would have to go through to do it.

I don’t speak for everyone but I would prefer to only play on servers where admin powers are used for administration only, rather than for admins to help people then mess around as they please on the side.

… and Cushie you make some very good points. Maybe anything spawned or built from spawned materials should all be “marked” in some way.

The thing is, my server only has about 7 active players … What’s to stop me spawning a bunch of materials and weapons whilst everyone’s offline then using them when they’re online? … No ones any wiser. I’d rather be told when an admin actually uses a spawned item for their advantage.

I don’t necessarily think it needs to be taken out. I just think it needs some refining.

Sorry trying to catch up.
The issue is that without going onto a server there is NO way to just “test” stuff, there’s no single player or creative mode etc. This is the sole reason I bought a server. It even says that in the description. I’m paying for it so why shouldn’t I be able to use it in that way?

You can use it how you like, but why can’t you just explain this to the people that do play (eg that its in description, you bought it for testing blah blah, if they aren’t find with it then they can just find a different server if need be), better yet why not just password it?

You can use your server any way you please, but whether or not its somewhere players want to play is another case. Also its possible to install said mod to remove the spawning messages, though that gets you on the modded tab (But if its just for testing then why not?)

Like I said I have put it in the description so anyone playing on the server should be aware that I do occasionally use it for testing.

But also like I said, what if I spawned a load of weapons whilst everyone’s offline, gave them to a few mates and went on a mass raid? No one knows I spawned it. The current announcement system doesn’t fix that. I’m not saying remove it. But alerting players when someone is killed by a spawned weapon is a much more sure fire way of identifying “abuse”. Guns and inventory items should also have a little icon or something on it to show that it was spawned in.

And as far as I’m aware it’s not yet possible to password without mods … I’m not using mods … It’s a vanilla server :slight_smile:

I’ve tried, and I still can’t get upset over this. The only way this gets annoying is when the chat gets spammed, and that’s only mildly annoying at worst.

player1: ok meet me by the sphere
SERVER admin gave admin 1000000 wood
SERVER admin gave admin 1000000 stone
SERVER admin gave admin 1 wooden hammer
SERVER admin gave admin 1 building plan
SERVER admin gave admin 1 tool cupboard
SERVER admin gave admin 9 large wooden box
player2: where are you now?
SERVER admin gave admin 1 salvaged shelves
SERVER admin gave admin 1 large wooden sign
SERVER admin gave admin 1 huge wooden sign
SERVER admin gave admin 1000000 metal fragments
SERVER admin gave admin 1 wooden bow
player2: wait where are we meeting again
SERVER admin gave admin 32 wooden arrows
SERVER admin gave admin 20 cooked wolf meat
SERVER admin gave admin 1 large medical kit
SERVER admin gave admin 3 metal window bars
player1: what
SERVER admin gave admin 1 campfire
SERVER admin gave admin 3 furnace
SERVER admin gave admin 1 large furnace
player2: where are we meeting
SERVER admin gave admin 3 armored doors
SERVER admin gave admin 3 code locks

On the flip side, if you see

SERVER admin gave player3 1000 timed explosive charge

… you know you’re on a shit server and it’s time to find a new one.

Surely you knew the response the community would have to the poll, why even bother posting it?

I would say even that the admin character should be highlighted, for me an admin must not play in their server. I liked very much when the admin was female.

I think admins should be forced to wear an engineer/technician suit of some kind.

How does making them standout help anyone?

People won’t waste bullets on godmoded players.
People won’t be confused whether or not a player is no clipping via game modification.
People won’t be freaked out when an admin randomly shows up in their base.

Lots more reasons, shall not insult your intelligence any more.