The NEW PointShop [WIP]

PointShop was originally created by _Undefined. He then killed the project and handed it to me. I am now unleashing updates and updates to make it better :slight_smile:

Link to the OLD Thread:


**How To:**Open the Shop: The default key for opening the shop is F4.
Configure the shop: All configuration is done in sh_config.lua.
Add/Edit items: Editing items is done in sh_items.lua.

**For Admins: **

ps_givepoints <name> <amount>

  • Gives points.

ps_takepoints <name> <amount>

  • Takes points.

ps_setpoints <name> <amount>

  • Sets points.

To Do:

Add Player Model Viewer STATUS: Working…
Fix Mini Bugs: STATUS: Working…
Add more items (Reply with suggestions)

Credits: PortalGod - For DModelPanel view code.

Trivkz - For his sexy gui, inspiring me to make this.
Entoros - Hover rotation idea.

Download: Revision 61) ORIGINAL VERSION (OUTDATED) -

Please, do not upload this anywhere else as it will be out of date often.

PointShop Changelog:

Nothing has changed… Yet.

I am open to suggestions or requests so please post them :slight_smile:

Nice. This was a good project… Just got abandoned. I also suggest for inventory to have it so you can have multiple hats/models/trails. Being able to equip them. Instead of only being able to have one in your inventory at a time.

Needs crafting like in TF2.

make it use mysql/sqlite please (setting to turn one or the other on), and store the stuff on the client better please too, PData is weird

Tables would be a good alternative choice.

Also you can get banned for using tags in your thread title like that.

Bug report. Everytime i buy something a new PointShop menu opens behind the current one.

selling items doesn’t always remove it from the player.
if you buy a second hat it doesn’t show it in inventory or replace the current hat.
maybe make F4 open and close?

Clean up the way items are made, seing a giant cluster of tables is annoying.

I would suggest you recode this from scratch.
Certain core elements are very, outdated.

Or will soon become outdated when garry removes DPanelList.

He isn’t removing it, more like phasing out.

Which means it will be removed at some point, and as such it should be re-done.

Wait what, god dammit.


He is wrong, garry will not remove, he will no longer support it though.

This was a good idea and ran well but I think there’s a lot more potential in remaking it unless you plan on very heavily modifying it.

Looking good Net. @Jenkins If you need help ask me too. I’m really good at Derma.

Your all missing the biggest problem, this shop takes FOREVER to load if you actually put a decent amount of stuff in it, I think on my server it had 20 models 30 trails and the original hats,weapon, and powerups. But it took about 1-2 min for it to load. So as of right now, I swiched to Golden Forge, his shop is by far better right now, But there is one huge factor that you have going for you right now and that is that Golden Forge in not user freindly when adding tabs and stuff to it. So if you want to get ahead make the shop load faster, if thats possiable. If its not then theres really not much more you can do to the shop to make it better then golden forge, And in his next update when he makes it user freindly pointshop wont stand a chance. So make it load faster please

are you mad?

You must have a slow server. Any server i’ve been on with this loads just fine.

No because then when i used Golden Forge and put twice as much stuff in it it loads instantly