The New Rust Lagging @ A 1100$ Gaming Laptop, please help.

Hello, just tried to play the new Rust at my new Gaming Laptop. Some information about the pc for those who wonder :
Multicom Xishan W355S 15.6" Full-HD Matt Intel Core i7-4710MQ, 8GB, 240GB SSD + 2 stk 1TB 7200rpm, GeForce GTX 860M 2GB GDDR5, DVDRW
The new rust have immense lagg, on all the different graphic setting, and all the resolutions. Its lagging to the point where its unplayable.
The old rust, and other high end games seems to be running smooth, any suggestions to what could solve this? Appreciate every input, thx.

New Rust runs like crap on a lot of machines. Hopefully in another month, they will be able to improve it a bit.

Ways to get better performance: lower resolution, turn down settings, put in console:
graphics.shadowdistance 0

And make sure if you have dual graphics cards (intel and a better one), the right card is running.


Quoted from another thread that I responded to:

See if this fixes any of your issues.