The New Rust Update

So it has been about three weeks since we’ve had an update for Rust. Does anyone have any ideas on when the next one is coming? I’m pretty sure I know what will be in it. The new inventory UI, bone fragments, bone knives, bug fixes, and fixed resource spawning. Does anyone have any ideas what else will be coming to the next update?

Not sure, there is a serious communication problem. They need a PR guy, we need to know whats going on. half the trello cards from January and feb arn’t even started yet, you would think with the millions they’ve made, there would be quicker progress, NOPE! TIME TO MAKE SMALL STORAGE BOXES BETTER LOOKING!

They are busy making HL3. They will make more rust updates once they are done.

Are we talking about the same development team?

Not much difference, they make awesome stuff, at the rate of eons.

I guess new ui only and a couple bug/exploit fix.
This wednesday or friday

I was under the impression that they are planning to release farming…now where the hell did I read that post

Try the top post on the official homepage.

100% agree. They are trying very hard to kill their golden goose. The massive amounts of people that flocked to this game will leave if communication and/or updates do not improve/increase frequency. Anecdotally, I think one just needs to look at the amount of populated servers now vs. in the past to see that this is already happening.

Not a huge problem, it wasn’t expected to be this popular so early. In fact, it’s probably for the best if the hype did down a bit and people check in again a month or two down the road.

People were saying this before the game even hit Steam.

It’s sold over a million copies since. That’s over a million licences that’ll remain on Steam accounts for the life of the account. When the game actually launches, many of them will be back.

Right – and they’ll bring their friends then too. It’ll keep growing, I’m with you.

I wouldn’t put too much faith in your first mover’s advantage. Competition will continue to grow in the genre and Facepunch might be left with cake on its face.

Thread closed soon (you can’t criticize FP)

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I’m waiting for anti cheat, don’t care about any updates until the cheaters are handled.

No matter what they add, the cheaters will ruin it, lol.

Cake and something like 20 million bucks.

Either they are about to release a mega-update soon (new GUI and much more stuff) or they just don’t care and take their time.Since the game still sells like mad(top 10 or 15 in Steam everyday since I bought it) so why not take a dayoff or two?
Money keeps rolling so they can relax and complete the game in 2 or 3 years.
That’s alpha.

You’re right. Even if they wouldn’t do shit for 5 weeks, whenever people “rage quit” and see a good update they will simply come back anyways.

But yeah we’ll just have to see. Really wish they’d hire some more people…

Misleading thread icon and title.

Garry is on the GDC now and i don’t think we should wait new update before 21st of March, 'cause it’s the end day of the conference