The New Sethhack


what did it do to you like what did the site do?

Its a new hack for garrysmod. I want to stop the infection before it stops.

tell it to garry he might help

Why did yuo think I posted this?

To advertise.

People paying 20 euro for hacks in a game like Gmod… I really can’t see why you need this.

It’s just a shock site? I didn’t enable the flash on the main page but there is links to and 1guy1needle whatever that is (a shock video I haven’t seen? I must inspect this when I’m not at work).

Yes because in my post “Stop it before it starts” is advertise. Great job you are hear by rewarded the person that cannot read.

Other Things and leaked information:

  • Doesn’t use concommands
  • Written in lua
  • Detected by one anti cheat as far as I know
  • Old version was leaked on pastebin

I’m well prepared for this. I’ll come up with a 1-line Simple OH Detector sometime when it becomes a problem.

-snip don’t want to be involved with this shit-


I’m not distributing those files, sorry

Actually, no. If you actually read your own post you’d know that you said “Why did yuo think” instead of “Why do you think.” The title of this thread+that tense=my comment being perfectly reasonable and logical and yours just being outright stupid.

So in actuality, I can read; enough to know that you should maybe work on your spelling and grammatical skills. Also, I haven’t got a clue what you tried to say in the second sentence other than “you can’t read.”


That’s an old version of his injector that got leaked awhile ago. It’s probably not infected, but according to oubliette it has nothing to do with how his hack currently functions. You won’t be able to reverse anything about his cheat out of that because it does not reside in the injector. I would still not execute that file if I was you in case whoever leaked it infected it with something.

Also, I’m not oubliette. My old account got banned for making a joke and I am currently waiting for a reply from the admin who banned me because I think he thought I was selling a hack (oddly relevant to this thread…)

Saved-as copy of the main page (he redirected to a shock site and closed down the server at the IP)

You do know that making a separate account to get around a ban is permabannable in itself, right?

Hopefully the mod who banned me understands why I broke that rule to PM him and doesn’t mind.

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of sashawolf. no more alts" - postal))

You really should’ve just used the Refugee Camp.