The new survivors


“Hold it right there! Infected?”

“No! I’m not!”

“Prove it” If I was comrade, you’d already be dead"



Someone should make a fancy-shmancy poster out of this.
I dunno, was bored, decided to make a little story, may continue, C&C

Seems interesting other than the idea of an Army soldier and a Russian one. Good posing from what I can see.

Doesn’t really fit but I like the water camo’d gun.

Yeah, just testing a skin out on that one.

I don’t like it.

I like the last two characters, but not the soldiers.

oh lol

not very fond of personal skins but I like the kind of story behind this

i guess

Well they weren’t personal skins :c, and I’ll kill off the soldiers.

More blood, gore and guns.

Pretty cool. I like how it’s enemies working together. You should have more emphasis on that though, add in them all killing some zombies or something to seal the deal. I don’t think people realize they’re from MW2, and thus they really don’t understand their relationships.

Yea, whats Modern Warfare 2?

Can I get a Derp?
If it’s sarcasm I can’t tell. Been reading The Combine’s posts, he overloaded my sarcasm detector.

Allowing Makarov in your survival group is not a very good idea.

Pfft, not like he’s going to shoot them in the face.

Killing floor on last picture :V?