The new texturing tool sucks!

That new texturing tools sucks, because you cant move in 3d view in it, unless you pres “z”, if you use arrows that moves your texture not view. This is really annoying and slows the texturing process.


Who agree with me?

I agree.

It doesn’t affect me because I always use Z anyway.

But yeah it’s kind of silly.

That’s how I had to do it before they fixed the SDK and just got used to using Z all the time.

Now I still use Z all the time because of that

I find it really annoying… now im gonna have to change how i map :frowning:

New texturering tool? Better check it out…

Very anoying, Everytime i try to move about with arrows it puts the x; y; values up…

I hate it.

Thanks god for ctrl-rightclick.

Okay, so I just tried it… Only thing I could notice was the arrow keys now move the texture around?
It doesn’t bother me, as I always use Z anyway

Dear Valve,
As a user of your software and a customer of your service, I have to state something:

Or at least provide an option to change it back. Pisses me off as well, even though I map seldomly.

Took me a good while to realize they had removed/changed the keyboard shortcut for hollowing too. I kept pressing Ctrl+H and it repeatedly deleted my fucking brushes aaaauuugh.

pretty much this, i hated the z thing before but now i quite like it.

I’ve noticed how the texturing tool is different now too. It’s irritating.

I haven’t noticed a difference because I’ve always used Z.

It’s like Steam/Valve are on a quest lately to just piss off their customers. First it’s the totally pointless downgrading of the Steam interface, now they’re fiddling with our Hammer tools.

I actually like the new steam interface.

You shouldn’t be using Hollow in the first place…

Anyway, I’m starting to get used to pressing Z but it’s annoying nevertheless.

It’s not deleting, just quick-hiding.

I’ve aways used space+mouse with WASD to move, so I’m not affected.