The new TF2 update broke (TF2) hammer.

Ok a new TF2 update just hit and guess what? Yep hammer is fucked.

I am pretty sure this is just in the TF2 version of hammer. Nevertheless I just wanted to let people know that its not a graphics card bug or something.

I really hope this is fixed soon. :S

Make sure you check your Game Data Files are still there. If not, add in base.fgd and tf.fgd

I don’t have tf2, but it looks like that kind of bug.

OP is raged.

Defo rage case on our hands.

Calm down bud, everything will be fine.

Huh? I am not that pissed off per-say. Its just frustrating not being able to use hammer. :confused:

You are raging. You have an avatar with FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF on it. YOU ARE RAGING CALM DOWN.

it happens to me on EP2 too


does anyone know of a quick fix?

Huh wow, every sdk mode is fudged. Welp I guess we’ll just have to wait for a fix.

Like the above posts, only happens to me via the orangebox engine.


Don’t know if it’s related, but:


There’s already a thread about this on the steam forums, so I guess we’ll just have to wait for Valve to fix this.

Heres a temporary fix, it isn’t pretty but you can use hammer.

hmm… my hammer still seems to work… i dunno lol

anyone notice the sculpt in the displacement tools

Yeah I was looking for some info on that. I didn’t really understand what it was. Anyone got more info?


hm seems pretty nice.

I’m having this error with L4D hammer, DOD Hammer, TF2 Hammer, and EP1 Hammer
HELP! I don’t want to have to lower my direct x level

Getting this in Orange Box/Portal.

I really need to finish this map and I can’t!


Using the DX8 fix just caused it to say half the materials are missing

I took a real quick look at sculpt, and it seems a way too complex alternative for the usual method of shaping displacements, I am sure it has a more complex reason behind it.

I spotted the word “Carve” in the sculpt function. I don’t like that word.

Try clicking Refresh SDK Content, it might work. If you don’t believe me ask 3kliksphillip’s videos like “Source SDK Tutorial - Setting up”

Well ok, then we wait for a fix… But I will NOT go back to DirectX 8 or 8.1, this broken update is worse than the update that caused the TF2 models & hats to show up as black

Won’t do any good. Valve broke ep2 as well.