The newest PHX svn version.

Hi guys just got GMod installed on my new computer and i would like to ask if you have a link to the newest version (SVN) of PHX 3.



Oops could a mod please move this to the help fourm.

Here you have all the links you’ll ever need (except LS/RD 3) links please.

You’re FAR better off using SVN. PHX3, Wiremod etc update far too often, that probably by the time you’re finished installing, you’ll be out of date. Just get TourtoiseSVN or something.

There are none, the devs have said no uploads because people kept stealing their work, so learn SVN or no PHX for you. It’s not hard.

Yes it is

I give up with people…

I totally agree with this person.

Get SVN. Besides, compare the pain-in-the-ass meters.
With Gmod.Org:

  • Mega super slow shit download speeds (1 hour to get 10 MB)
  • You have to spend 30 mins finding the latest version
  • You have to know when to update
  • All the versions on are always 5 months old.

With SVN:

  • Fast download speeds (1 GB in under 40 minutes)
  • No time spent looking for the latest version (Just Right click your addon and click “Update”)
  • You can update every day. Updating takes only 2 minutes off of your play time
  • Always have the latest version.

The one and only downside with SVN is this: You must install it on your PC and set it up for the first time. Setting it up can take around 30 minutes. After that everything is great.

If you SVN right though it can take a little longer as you have to export the files to your addons folder (some reason it makes it load quicker :confused:)

There are no PHX3 SVN links on that are up to date. Just use SVN, is it SO hard? Is your iq THAT low?

Yeah, is horrible for downloads, nearly EVERYTHING is outdated, and as Divran mentioned the download speeds are just…ugh.

SVN is a great way to update, fast easy and reliable.

If you don’t know how to use it:

And from Divran also:

The youtube video contains a good link for SVNs also.

Hey guys I’m sorry but I’m using a Mac computer and SVN does not support Mac.

Wrong, there’s a LOAD of SVN clients for OSX, there pretty much has to be, because so many developers use it. Try using google.

Ok thanks mate.

For a quick and easy download. Get it in this link.

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