The newest spacebuild.

hey people

Been a while since i played gmod, have an urge to play spacebuild, but my svn updater isn’t working, and after a while of searching, i can’t find one that is obviously the newest.

Please can you help me?

Thanks :slight_smile:

There you go.

Ah brilliant, thanks!

Please note that space build is not in development any more due to Garry banning the creator.

i still dont get why he banned snake

Garry was being gay the end.


Ruined! Damn him to hell!

ah, fair enough,

By the way, this spacebuild i got from that website, doesn’t work, it says it’s an addon, nothing shows. I put in gamemodes, it shows, but doesnt work. However everything else i download DID work.

Any ideas with what i can do?

Please look at the entire page. You will notice there is a gamemode and an addon (Two separate downloads). Read carefully.

And I don’t see why the developer being banned from Facepunch means Spacebuild can’t be developed any longer; It just can’t be released on facepunch.

cheeeeeers mate :wink: