The Newman Show - STARTING TODAY!

Yesterday we posted our concept of an automated live spectate cam to the subreddit and we were testing this out on one of our servers at, which is currently still streaming at

However, we feel like that just didn’t cut it yet, so after putting some additional hardware into the stream machine, we decided to give this a full-fledged reboot with a dedicated server, appropriately named “The Newman Show”, and:


But we cannot do this without the community, without you, without actors. If you are interested to participate, this is the server where the thing is going to take off:

It is freshly wiped, just created, located in Germany and running on a dedicated box. Once a couple of players have joined, we will switch the stream over to The “new” Newman Show. Come and be the guy!

Nice concept, but that server needs more players for sure. :wink: