The Next-Life: Dark Stranger Garry's Mod web comic

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The story of a dope addict gunman as he is fleeing from the law in a distorted Half-Life 2 universe.

Next page will be uploaded on: Friday, February 25, 2010


After watching your comic i must say that i give you credit on trying on something serious. But i’m going to be frank with you, it wasn’t that very good. Now i am not going to compare you with the 07’ers or the 8’ers since that would just be cruel but what i can tell you is that first of… Do not ever work on a comic in the photo editing program you’re using. I’d suggest you’d use photoshop or GIMP and find tutorials on how to make comic layouts, bubbles and find the correct font for your editing.

It also feels like posing that you barely wanted to put effort into this video wich is kind of sad, but i’ve been in your shoes so i know how it is. I don’t say you should DO this but i want to suggest that you take a bit longer working on poses before a screenshot and find the correct camera angle!

When it comes to the story, i am not so sure what to say about it, i do not feel like i understand anything and to be quite frank the four - five frames before the metrocop teleported his way into the building telling him to put his hands up didn’t make much sense either.

I’d also suggest that you start using a good image upload website


I find this post funny in a few lines.

First the posing is the best I can do as of right now, this is a project to kill boredom not me trying to win an academy award for greatest web comic. Second, I use GIMP but I wanted to try a new style of page, which I plan to stick with.

Next I thank you for the constructive information you have giving me, really helpful. Next is the Metrocop did not teleport, he walked down the path leading to the area the character and dead guy is in. Which happens to be the first Kanals area of Half-Life 2. If you wait a few weeks you will find out how this all ties together. This is kind of like one of those novels where they start you off in the action and you learn the story as it flows.

I don’t think your comic tell the story.

You are correct, it will not tell the story until it is going. Nice avatar also.

I must say that that comment yous tated there is quite rude. I merely gave you a tip on how to improve your posing, nor do i think that if you were good at posing you’d get the greatest award for a web comic.
You need to focus on story, characters, scripts and editing to get an award for that… if it exists.

No such reward, the only reason I was rude is because you insulted my effort. Now if I just rushed it then I would not really care what you said but you said it to me and that is the best I can do period so it stung like a hive of bees.

Talk about imagining things, i gave you friendly criticism. I wasn’t rude whatsoever to you. if you can’t take criticism, don’t make comics. I am not here to start an argument, i was here to review your comic, but you couldn’t handle it. Good luck in the future.

You make good comics but you read like shit. Go read over my post a few more times and try to look at it from a newbies point of view. Never go on a whim to lash out at someone.

Thanks, but I heard the same thing like yours, but in different comment.

Well the avatar is worth a complement or two.

Just lost the save file to the current scene I was at in the comic, if you notice that there is something missing or misplaced then you know why.

Just letting you know ahead of time.

Posing is terrible and so is the editing.

Didn’t look like you tried at all.

Now he’s gonna be butthurt and troll you… just like he trolled me :slight_smile: I really like the hypocritical comment he added on the deviantart page " like it or hate it, it’s up to you " :slight_smile:

The posing is the best I can do and I’m a total newbie at GIMP so that is the best I can do as of right now. The design is working fine and is not really destroying the story as is. I see no reason to change it just to please a majority that cannot understand a story because it is not in a 3 panel strip.

Next off the story is not that great unless you know the direction I’m going in or can understand why I put ‘this’ instead of ‘that’. This is mostly a project that is targeted to a smaller group of people which is what provoked me to put “like it or hate it, it’s up to you”. And as I said in a private message to you before Divided I did not mean to be rude but you threw slander at my skill period and thought I rushed it when all I did was the best I could. I get that is constructive but it still burns a bit which thanks to that little event is no longer a major issue.

But like I said before, like it or hate it, it’s up to you and we’ll leave it at that since I need to work on a map for a friends server.

It’s… ok, but before making a comic make sure to have a LOT of experience in posing, for the layout, I’ll suggest if you don’t know how to use GIMP, Photoshop or Paint.NET then use a program that do the layout for you (Like ComicLife).
If you can’t take criticism then post your comic in a friendlier comunnity because facepunch isn’t a very newbie friendly community.

Jesus no, it’s fucking ugly. The posing is terrible, and you obviously can’t take criticism, so why the hell did it make sense for you to post this on facepunch of all places?

Stop getting butthurt do better next time.

Damn, the posing is really shitty. You couldn’t even turn the Metrocop’s hand around when he was “grabbing” the SMG?