"The Nightmare awakens...."


First picture to upload to facepunch. If you’re intrested, i can upload the others. :dance:

Uhh… I don’t know what to say.

So…it’s uhhh…it’s…you know, I’m not even sure what that is, but I DO know that IT is VERY creepy.

As I once said before…I want my lawyer, now!..The shit we’ve been afraid of is here!

RUN…and get me some beer, while you do so.

I’m not exactly sure what i am looking at here, But i’m sure if i was i would be scared.

I’m pretty sure that’s Emily from Nightmare House 2 with her dress reskinned to white.

I’m not feeling it.

Those are some huge ass candles.

It’s Pyramid Head’s sister.

Where da no bottom jaw dudes at?

Yeahh it’s a reskin of Emily from Nightmare House 2. I found it on garrysmod.org.

I actually think it looks pretty good, the blade is a little “eh” but actually not bad in my opinion.

ahh, good use of the Orc Sword from Dark Messiah of Might & Magic. Also, I really like the framing, reminds me of Silent Hill. But where did you get that orc sword is the question on my mind.

Those little feet. They need little ole boots.

Nice but of the nightmares Freddy is the king

Two ways to get it:
#1 B_CANSIN’s dark messiah props and ragdolls on garrysmod.org
#2 using gm_mount and attaching the DMOMM extension to gmod, if you have Dark Messiah

Btw thank you all for the friendly and creative comments!

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Yehh but everyone needs a girlfriend. haha.

The lights on the candles look very boring, looks like you just put the Garry’s Mod lights stool across them, a little Photoshopping on them would do the trick I guess