The no-internet comic

I made this comic while my internet was down, which was right when the soldier’s new weapon was suppose to be revealed.

So I was only able to use the stuff that was on my computer at the time. I found an awesome face. So I used that a lot.

Re-uploaded, it now works.

This sounds like me when my Internet went out randomly during the update. True story, except I didn’t call comcast and didn’t have LOL-PEELZ.

The phone was epic.I lol’d reading the whole thing :smiley:

hahaha hillarious :v: most internet providers are asses though

I love how it was slightly troll-ish all the way through

Do like.

Haha, freaking awesome!

At the end, that was probably the hardest I’ve laughed at a comic, good job.

It’s true :bang:

The awesome faces ruined it. God damn that thing annoys me.

This is how we made comics back in '05. (That’s a compliment.)

Hahaha, nice drawn. xd

This comic is full of awesome and win.

Very creative my good sir.

Ah the link is broken.

Hahaha awesome.
The drawed stuff was win.