The NPC animations bug has been fixed, still (you guys would find these easy).

I have managed to make the NPC animations work but now I want to know how you rid the player of weapons so that they walk normally and also how you change player speed. So my question is how do you change player speed and rid the player of weapons?

Im sorry about not adding that question in the title, I forgot but anyway can someone please help me on this?

Advanced Options addon can change walking speed, and using the Climb SWEP makes your hands by your sides, same with SB Spy’s CSS Fists.

Simpler method here. Go to your options menu, and hit the keyboard tab. Scroll down through movement until you find “walk”. I usually set it as “Alt”. Hey presto!
If you want your character to have his arms by his sides, open the console and type “give weapon_alyxgun”. A revolver appears at your feet. Pressing e makes you pick it up, and whilst you can use it, you appear with it held by your side.
A nice trick is to hit it with the colour tool before you pick it up. You can set it invisible, and it won’t show up when you’re holding it.