The Nudity Option Makes Me Feel Weird

Just like grass there is an option to turn nudity censoring off. I always turn grass off and also turn censoring off. My friends think I’m weird and that I like all the pixelated dicks I see but I just think it adds a feeling to the game no other has. Anybody else have the same problem?


you’re gay.

I think the nudity is good as you can easier see if they are nude or have pants equipped.

I have to agree… They should make the censored version underwear… the pants remind me of Rad pants before their textures were updated…

Sometimes I also disable censoring for this reason… Just like I used to keep censoring enabled so I could see pixelated penis’s through walls… gave you an advantage

Thats why on my server nudity is off server-sdie :stuck_out_tongue:
So only naked males~

I would also love a female version for this game… with full breast physics…

Character customization is not needed…

If we get this there will be just fields of chicks jumping up and down

It adds more realism and feel to the game. I like turning it off. My friends don’t becuase they feel weird seeing dicks everywhere.

They should add jigglebones to the dick. It would be awesome.

The penis only becomes interesting when you notice that you are having deep reflective thoughts about how you feel when one or more are only a few inches from your face.

It is what it is, caveman nudity. Some call it gay. Others call it immersive.

I agree.

If I come across beginners on my server I usually politely ask them to remove their pants for items. So far everyone has been more than happy to flash me their penis in exchange for stuff. In a way its ironic that in the world of Rust, prostitution is already a thing.

You know how when you headshot someone their head flies way up in the air? I hope you’re ready for some tribal boobies hanging to their knees.

Guys afraid to see dicks are just insecure and need to get over it. It reminds me of guys who flame other guys when they play with female avatars. I personally think it adds more humor to the game which adds to having a good experience.

Why would I want to see that crap in a game like this.

If I wanted to see dicks I would play a sex game, and anyway, I don’t like dicks, if it was a girl then it would please me :rock:

ps: But it’s good that is optional, who loves cocks, might remove the censoring :downs:
Keep Cool

I agree 100% with you

Swing it around like a nipple tassel.

Maybe you’ll travel faster as it’ll act like a propeller.

I turned on the nudity on my game once just to see what all the fuss was about, and I saw no blurring effects… things were there.

If female models are added to the game, there will probably be requests to only enable censorship for male models.

Censorship is turned off by default in my server - no complaints, most people seem to prefer things au naturale. Occasionally someone asks someone else to please put some pants on, but if they want magic pants all the time mode they can put the command in :stuck_out_tongue:

Thread Title: "The Nudity Option Makes Me Feel Weird"

It’s called arousal I believe.

Wakka wakka