The Object-Subjugated Apocalypse-Related VIDEO CONTEST!!! (FEB 16th - APRIL 5th)

Can it be a retarded video contest apocolypse

I could use fifty dollars .

I am crapzors at this meme stuff. I don’t know am I even gonna try haha.

Got to be honest i don’t think i would join a contest where i have no idea who the guy is who made it, and if the contest rules are as loosely defined as this. First off 10k is a little high don’t you think? Even if it mattered anyone can make a new youtube account and upload it there… and any video with the word ‘Apocalypse’ in the title is usually a piece of shit. And jesus christ April 5th?!? you think Lucas is going to get in on this to make a generic GMod video? Most of the videos you are going to get in a “generic name involving Apocalypse video contest” are most likely going to be made in a couple hours. You are better off creating a video contest about blowing up nukes.

Besides all that the “link” where we are supposed to submit our videos doesn’t even work…