The Officer and His Weapons
Yes, that’s supposed to be a riding whip. Faceposable and fingerposable, please.:350:

He dont fit.

I don’t care. :3:

Whoa, I would love to see this. The SMG we already have

Before I go any further with this I need to know a few things. I don’t have TF2, because I honestly don’t like the art style, but I’ve never done a cartoony character so I thought this would be a good challenge.

  1. What is the average polycount for a TF2 character?

  2. I need you to post all of the textures for a character so I know how to texture him.

  3. If you could upload a TF2 model in a Max file or obj so I could download it and see how the topology works it would make modeling easier.

That looks like a really good start, would like to see this as a completed model.

Bump. You should ask for help in the TF2 section in my opinion.

Edit: Or Daimao’s thread.

Can I have a link to this thread?

And the pistol you can get from DoD:S, just needs a reskin to look TF2ish