The Official Garry's Mod Backgrounds Submissions Thread - Accepting Until 10.5.16!

The Garry’s Mod main menu background pictures all had their glory, and it’s time to let new pictures shine. This is an opportunity for everyone to submit their pictures and get them pushed into official game updates, where they’ll be seen by the entire Garry’s Mod player base - potentially hundreds of thousands of players. This arrangement has being approved just yesterday by the Garry’s Mod development team, which fully recognizes and backs the submission process as a community fueled one. This means it’s our job to handle the submissions, which is also why I am the one posting this rather than some admin.

Everyone submits their pictures in this thread, which closes on the 10th of May, 2016.
Pictures that will meet the criteria (see submission rules below) will be accepted and will be edited and listed under ‘Accepted’. Pictures that will not meet the criteria will be listed under ‘Disqualified’ along with an explanation as to why they were disqualified.
When the submissions thread closes (10.5.16) all of the ‘Accepted’ submissions (essentially all the ones that met the criteria) will enter a community voting phase.
The top 25 most voted pictures will be added to the game.

Important to note:

  1. Pictures with repeating themes (for example two images that both similarly focus on a single tree) will receive lower priority with the exception of the best one, even after the voting. This means two pictures both portraying a tree will in a way ‘compete’ on who has the best tree (based on votes) and the rest might be dropped out. This is because we need to submit pictures with varying content - they can’t all be the same thing. This means your picture is more likely to get in if it’s unique.
  2. For fairness, each user’s top voted 1-3 pictures (depending on how many submissions we get) will be implemented and the rest will receive lower priority over other users’ submissions.

To be accepted, a submission must have:

  1. Garry’s Mod authenticity - this means no SFM/non-Gmod poses, and no pictures that are 50% hand drawn -* normal editing is fine and even preferred*
  2. A minimal resolution of 1920x1080 (preferably with a 16:9 aspect ratio but not crucial) - you can always crop a picture to a 16:9 ratio if it’s big enough
  3. No noticeable compression or upscaling artifacts - to avoid bad compression, use or to upload your pictures
  4. Proper anti aliasing
  5. No NSFW content, including nudity, heavy gore, and the like
  6. No on-screen text, illustrations or big borders, no forms of blatant messaging

Other than the above rules you’re free to do whatever you want. Unlike the current pictures, this time submissions don’t have to be ‘Garry’s Mod related’, and can have any form of content/theme/style/editing techniques you shall choose, as long you can tell it was made in Garry’s Mod.

Submit as many pictures as you want, but please keep it to one submission per post. Copy and use this when submitting:

**Direct URL:**



Something to keep in mind:
The top left corner of the picture will be hidden behind the Garry’s Mod logo, and the 1/5th left most part of the image will be somewhat concealed by a dark overlay and menu buttons. Try and refrain from putting key elements in those parts of your frame.

The list of accepted submissions. If your picture is listed here, it means it will enter the voting phase.
TheGoodDoctorF’sDinosaur Laser Fight
Ninja Nub[NOR]'sGlory in death
Dune3z’sThey’re waiting for you.
Sharker’sNo Saviour
Mattchewy’sHidden in Darkness
znalecc’sEnemy at the gates
Viper123_SWE’sHill 107 (Edit by Joazzz)
Ninja Nub[NOR]'sThe Elder Scrolls 6: Guantanamo Bay
znalecc’sAn Old Tower
Viper123_SWE’sMerchants & Nomads (Edit by Prototype)
Ninja Nub[NOR]'sMy Little Demon: Bullets are Magic
Crazy Knife’sRussian Summer House
Viper123_SWE’sMountains of Panau (Edit by Joazzz)
Cone’sOne Against the Infinite
georgeebizzle’sWelcome to City 17, it’s safer here.
georgeebizzle’sWinter solider
georgeebizzle’sslum dog trillionaire
BulletofHell’s100 Miles
F T’sAKs.
FloaterTWO’sI’ll throw this in.
TheGoodDoctorF’sThe One Free Rockstar
Crazy Knife’sMy Collapsing Train of Thought
Darth Ninja’sGarrywave
ShogunPsyched’sPosing the soldier
RichCrentist’sDavid vs Goliath
Eric Sorvino’sMovie
Butthurter’sRobot Workers
Butthurter’s"Here’s a secret mission"
Butthurter’sSneaky shrooms
Eric Sorvino’sOut of here
VladanCombine’sГигантский охотник
VladanCombine’sСвет надежды
RichCrentist’sMan vs Machine
NOGA_'sThe Ruins Of The Shimura
NOGA_'sNatural scenery
NOGA_'sWild Nature
Crossradeon’sThe Forest
MrShlapa’sPress f to pay respects
MrShlapa’sLeft 4 Dead
MrShlapa’sPost apocalyptic selfie
Eric Sorvino’sLoot
Sharker’sThe Sacrifice
Lewis’time machine
sadeast’sBulgarian cyborg
ManFlakes’Resistance Melee
wotman’sWarm Sands of Elsweyr
wotman’sHide away from threat
exhale77’sIn Disintegration
Troleika’sSummer Time!
MrShlapa’sThe first Mingebag
MrShlapa’sHouston we’ve got a problem
MrShlapa’sPayne at roof
exhale77’s"A Headcrab Walks Into a Bar…"
gawrik3000’sToo long Joker…
Fedor’sinto the distance
gawrik3000’sselfie with terror
gawrik3000’sthis is good…isn’t it?
exhale77’sFever Rave
RichCrentist’sBlending In
Sharker’sFallen Arisen
RichCrentist’sFamily Hike
Annethyl’sSeeking power
exhale77’sIn Patrol
Annethyl’sFrontier wanderers
RichCrentist’sSomething in the Water
Troleika’sThe Scrap Car
Taggart’sHECU Portal Expedition
Taggart’sMoonlit Patrol
Gmod1337’sMagical forest
angel__'sI can see you!
GuyWithTeaCup’s"Unknown Battles of WWII: Hitler stand against Shub-Niggurath"
GuyWithTeaCup’sThe Last of Moscow Residents
GuyWithTeaCup’s"I dare you, kraut. Try to call me Swine again."
GuyWithTeaCup’sThink outside the portals
GuyWithTeaCup’sOnly good news on Phobos
GuyWithTeaCup’sAt the enemy gates
Benx303’sShoot blin!
FloaterTWO’sThe Boneyard
Phycosymo’sApproaching Target
angel__'sKim Jong Swag
M@dman-5333’s["] Dark Ones]([/email)
Okxa’sBig Grief
M@dman-5333’s["] Santa Claus is Coming to Town]([/email)
M@dman-5333’s["] My Nightmare]([/email) - I would say NSFW borderline but no penis after all so
TurtleeyFP’s4 Days Out
Benx303’sGopnik squatting party
Hunterdnrc’sRide the Sky
Hunterdnrc’sFall of New Mombasa
Hunterdnrc’sMushroom Kingdom Defense Force
Hunterdnrc’sBSAA Patrol
Hunterdnrc’sMonster in the Dark
Hunterdnrc’sWalk in the woods
Hunterdnrc’sZombie Killer
Hunterdnrc’sMorgan in Action
Hunterdnrc’sLike you’re some kind of Saint.
Hunterdnrc’sFar From Any Road
Hunterdnrc’sMagic Versus Robots
Hunterdnrc’sHalf Naked surrounded by guys with guns
Hunterdnrc’sMan Down
Hunterdnrc’sCool Guy McAction Face
Hunterdnrc’sFor the Daimyo
Hunterdnrc’sLet’s Roll
Hunterdnrc’sTrack of my Tears
ScottyWired’sProcastination is a powerful force
Caste’sDark Woods
T553412’sRoad Inspection
T553412’sForest patrol
RichCrentist’sNice shot or what a save?
Caste’sToluca Lake
Gmod1337’s Lake Alyonushka
Gmod1337’s Great Swamp
Gmod1337’s Witcher
Cone’s House Call
Cone’s Psycho Squad 7
Butthurter’s In her absence
Butthurter’s Untitled silly crap
Butthurter’s Untitled silly crap #2
FloaterTWO’s Subsurface
AmericaBATR’s yougottastartnaminyourpicsbrah
FloaterTWO’sTaking him in
wotman’s Forced Labor
Cookie_-Chan’s Vortigaunt attack!
Cookie_-Chan’s Rebel
super_tatarin’s From the USSR with love:
M@dman-5333’s Minor Earth Major Sky
Skyguy113’s Trenchcoat Bandit
richofencrazy’s Night in
johau’s notitle2
Skyguy133’s Police Line Do Not Cross
rama2299’s Base
rama2299’s Squad
T_T crai2’s Late to the Party
T_T crai2’s Untitled
adamsz’s Narcissism
AngryRabbGMod’s Power Armour
AngryRabbGMod’s Modern Warefare 2 - Washington
AngryRabbGMod’s IQ
AngryRabbGMod’s Metro
AngryRabbGMod’s Cpt.Price
AngryRabbGMod’s Detective
AngryRabbGMod’s Boba Fett
petfe’s Nature’s Grace
petfe’s An Ancient One
CyberDelta’s British Paratroopers
Hunterdnrc’s Smokin’
Hunterdnrc’s Shush
Hunterdnrc’s Inner Animal
Hunterdnrc’s Ghosts
Hunterdnrc’s Any clue what this is?
Hunterdnrc’s How many?
Hunterdnrc’sTake the gun
Crazy Knife’s Inside the Spawn Menu
Ninja Nub[NOR]'s Father and Son
adamsz’s Objects in mirror are closer than they appear…
YourBreakfsat’s Bathtub Car Test: 1
WRDRAT12’s Gmodism
Adamsz’s Planning Ahead
Dune3z’s safe
Troleika’s Beware Of Dog
TheHuntah’s Tacticool Operationators #1
TheHuntah’s Tacticool Operationators #2
Skyguy113’s Abandoned
Skyguy113’s Row, Row, Row Your Boat…
Skyguy113’s Slaughter
Skyguy113’s Flattywood
Skyguy113’s Garry’s Mod
RichCrentist’sRocket League
RichCrentist’s TF2 + RL escape
YourBreakfsat’s M1911
Mista Heita’s Street Racing Scene Gone Wrong
Mista Heita’s Serious Life
Mista Heita’s Lost Cola Truck
Skyguy113’s Malware
Cookie_-Chan’s Helix
Cookie_-Chan’s Hazmat
Cookie_-Chan’s HL2 Beta
Cookie_-Chan’s CP Patrol 1
Cookie_-Chan’s CP Patrol 2
Cookie_-Chan’s OTA
richofencrazy’s Where are we Fritz?
Katatonic717’s Down Time
CyberDelta’s Good morning Vietnam
VladanCombine’s Вечернее солнце
VladanCombine’s Старое кладбище
cheesecurls’ Depths
cheesecurls’ Dustoff
cheesecurls’s Martian Assault
Skyguy113’s BMX RPG
Derisis’ Rose
Devil Traitor’s Asriel’s New Groove
PartizanZ’s Riverside
PartizanZ’s Deal
usaokay’s The End of Slend
usaokay’s The Three Heroes
Ryu-Gi’s Here are a few of mine
Ryu-Gi’s but unforutnately
Ryu-Gi’s i cant follow the format
Ryu-Gi’s so my titles are shitty
Ryu-Gi’s testicles
Skyguy113’s GMod Background
Skyguy113’s Legion
Agameofscones’ Still Loading
Agameofscones’ Late Nights
Agameofscones’ Bus Stop
Firearms 136’s Rivalry
Prototype556’s Another World(Interstellar Travel)
thealexdek00’s Pulp Fiction
Agameofscones’ Garry’s Mood
Dwarfnik’s We Don’t Go to Ravenholm
Dwarfnik’s 12th of April 1945
thealexdek00’s Men In Black
Leoz’s military pose - borders are borderline :v:
WRDRAT12’s disorder
Richofencrazy’s Limeys on patrol
Gordonator’s Trace this one back to GMOD bitch!
Walter’s noname
Walter’s space car
Walter’s military jam
Gordonator’s Son of Sam
Dark_Hd’s Explosion of cubes
Hunterdnrc’s Create
Hunterdnrc’s NPC Spawning in GM_Construct
Dwarfnik’s Surprise for BLU
SugarBelle’s Crystal
Skywent’s Hide and seek with zombies
SEVENTEAM’s I am assuming this is a submission
Hunterdnrc’s Construct Workshop
BulletGuy’s Detained
PartizanZ’s Action Nick
killerzombie’s Lights - Mhmmmm
DAVEY JONES’ After The End
Lucky9Two’s Is There Anybody… Out There?
Skyguy113’s Military Personnel
Dubeard’s Hardsuit Maintenance
Dubeard’s Three men in black said “Don’t report this.”
Skyguy113’s Happy Blue Dudes
adamsz’s Dust off in 10
adamsz’s Where are those transmissions you intercepted?
Mindkiller!’sSwamps Of Despair
Mindkiller!’s Kosterok
Mindkiller!’s Civil Protection
xVladutzux’s image number twelve
xVladutzux’s green dirt
xVladutzux’s quarantine
Uncle Bourbon’s Grand Theft Auto XLII
Uncle Bourbon’s Abandoned
Uncle Bourbon’s Exfiltrate
Uncle Bourbon’s Lunar Recon
Uncle Bourbon’s Processing
Uncle Bourbon’s End of the line
richofencrazy’s Red Keep Raid
Vioxtar’s PhysGod
Vioxtar’s Out of Map Bounds
Cone’s Scene Forest
FT’s Research Station
exhale77’sRP Alone
znalecc’sLast stand
Devil Traitor’s Trinagle Impossible
happyfaic72’s Viewing the Blast
GM_Tecnicast’s Airboat Aviation
FT’s Kevin Spacey Conga Line
FT’s Temple

The list of disqualified images. If your picture is listed here, it means it didn’t meet the full criteria, and that you should resubmit a fixed version.
Hauptmann’sNikolaï, Anna, Ivan, Mikhaïl - Resolution should be 1920x1080 and above
raptorfromsweden’sBetter Call … - Resolution needs to be higher
PopLadd’sWelcome to the Exonet - Upscaling and compression artifacts
PopLadd’sThe Covenant - ^
PopLadd’sGrunt - ^
PopLadd’sUndertale: God of Hyperdeath - ^
PopLadd’sPsychedelic Old man - ^
PopLadd’sAsriel Dreemurr - ^
PopLadd’sGarage - ^
PopLadd’sRacist US Soldier - ^
PopLadd’sSunset - ^
PopLadd’sNazi Mosh Pit - ^
PopLadd’sCP Officers Holding Up a 7/11 - ^
PopLadd’sI Don’t Get It - ^
PopLadd’sPissed Breen - ^
PopLadd’sTrue Love - ^
PopLadd’sTractor - ^
wotman’sWarm sands of Elsweyr - 1920 x 1079 (so close)
angel__‘sTesting! - Compression artifacts (uploaded to imgur) outweigh the 1440p resolution. Also try and flip it, the guy is gonna land just under the GMod logo, shame
Scorpo’sHey, this isn’t the WW1 I remember! - Compression artifacts, don’t use a steam host (the noise with compression hurts this)
McTbone’sCS:S GSG9 - Resolution is below 1920 x 1080
YourBreakfsat’sM14s - Resolution is below 1920 x 1080
Eric Sorvino’sRaw deal - Resolution
AmericaBATR’sThis is my title now - Resolution - please use the submission layout too
AmericaBATR’sThis is my second title now - Resolution - please use the submission layout too
Slim Charles’Raid de l’armee- Resolution
Slim Charles’Want a sip? - ^
Slim Charles’Somber Soldier - ^
Slim Charles’Forever watching - ^
Slim Charles’Patrul’ - ^
StainWolf’sThe Spy - Borders and black line
MrShlapa’sHitman - Would fix it if you take out the borders, they are too big :x
Harry_147’sPicnic: Summer Time - Resolution
Crossradeon’sThe Bar - Awesome face illustration, I would say take it off but…
DaFrostIsReal’sA flight along the horizon - resolution sier
Hunterdnrc’sUnexpected Safety - Too NSFW
Hunterdnrc’sCounter Terrorists Win - Illustrations
Fedor’sPussy Power - nothing can fix this
super_tatarin’sThe oldest profession - Resolution
super_tatarin’sGood night and happy new year - ^
super_tatarin’sThe impermanence of life - ^
Troleika’s Apocalypse? Never heard of it… - Imgurian compression, take the same image and upload to picload please!
Cone’s Sentient And Violent - Dominant borders and onscreen illustrations
Cone’s In the Trees - On screen illustrations
AmericaBATR’sUnnamed - Compression, I know this is wduwant, but it was still seriously compressed somewhere along the way :x
AmericaBATR’s ship - compression…^
Okxa’s Battle of City 17 - Mostly illustrations, soz
Autonomous1’s Laboratory raid - Resolution
johau’s notitle - Resolution
Ott’s Moby Strip - Compression
StainWolf’s The Spy - Sorry, but now the resolution’s a problem. Go back to the PSD & remove, dont crop
Troleika’s Beware Of Dog - Compression, don’t upload to imgur
Dark_Hd’s Explosion of cubes - This is really neat and I would love this as a BG, but you can’t ignore the compression like quality :x Try and recreate it!
adamsz’s"F*ck it. I did what I could."- Resolution
cheesecurls’ 1 - Resolution
cheesecurls’ 2 - ^
cheesecurls’ 3 - ^
Hunterdnrc’s Sail away to a place that’s unknown - Resolution
Troleika’s Apocalypse? Never heard of it - Sorry, still riddled with compression artifacts
adamsz’s Dust off in 10- resoultion………
adamsz’s Mount Up - ^
Skyguy113’s Sewage - soz, this is just too gorey/disturbing to enter
Dark_Hd’s Explosion of cubes V2 - Sorry, picture is down, reupload!
Gordonator’s Schizoid Man - This can’t really be traced back to Garrys Mod
Dubeard’s Three men in black said “Don’t report this.” - Borders, cut it down a little, it’s an awesome pic
Prototype556’s 1,000 Days - Borders are too wide, soz :X
leoz’s Green car- Most of this isn’t really Garrysmod, if I’m wrong please let me know
leoz’s military - resolution
Walter’s fireworks - width resolution
Walter’s dream vending machine - width resolution
georgeebizzle’s shoppingtrip - resolution
Cone’s In The Trees - Sorry again, the lines are basically an overlay on the image, ontop of which another overlay is going to be added to (the menu overlay), these lines are a dealbreaker, remove them from the psd and upload a clean one

snipped Erich Zann because I forgot that was made in sfm. Whoops
Dinosaur Laser Fight

if they’re not gonna allow sfm they’re gonna have to get rid of all of maxofs2ds shots, since they all sfm
anyway here are my personal favourites

oh, there’s direct rules, well let me rework this post real quick

Glory in death

They’re waiting for you. /upscaled

No Saviour

Hidden in Darkness

Enemy at the gates

Nikolaï, Anna, Ivan, Mikhaïl

I might as well go all-in.

Hill 107 (Edit by Joazzz)

Better Call …

well i’ll just post another one of my favourites as well now that i’m at it

The Elder Scrolls 6: Guantanamo Bay

one submission per post = good

An Old Tower

Merchants & Nomads (Edit by Prototype)

and one more
My Little Demon: Bullets are Magic

Russian Summer House

Mountains of Panau (Edit by Joazzz)



i had to upscale this a bunch, does it look alright?

[editline]19th April[/editline]

oh and it’s called “One Against the Infinite” i guess