The OFFICIAL Gustave Megathread!

A man only known as Gustave has made an appearance in many establishments and hearts. He is most famous for his hilarious roles in all movie genres, ranging from horror to action to outright slapstick comedies. He also has one of the largest resumes ever made – he has an acting job on literally every day of every year since 1998. This makes him one of the most pronounced and experienced actor-director characters of all time.

Gustave had a simple childhood and was awoken from cryostasis in early 1997 by his agent, producer and director, McZee, along with other actors such as Patrick, Charlie, Bongo, and even Skelly. Not much is known about Gustave during that single year, other than he was well hidden from the public eye.

In 2001, Gustave was featured in many gorefest pointless shoot-em-ups known as Pointless Action Movies, where he would walk around and slaughter hundreds of thousands of people. It was later stated that it was a “battle between directors” to see who could create the most intense, most obscene slaughterfest film of all time. Over 140 movies were made by only forty directors, and each was gorier than the last.

Gustave has also had an active role, when not being the main character or a supporting character, in being an extra in popular television shows such as House. He has become renowned for looking at the camera oddly and disturbing the show in serious scenes where backgrounds can be seen.

Gustave seen in House.

2007 and beyond has become a dark age. Gustave has not officially retired from the movie making industry, but has indeed gone off of the radar. He has been seen from here and there, and has even been reported seen in other times, which is odd, because as of 2009, time travel has not been publicly announced. Some say that he was a biogenetically engineered product and the 140 gorefest films were actually hostile takeovers of foreign nations that oppose the American lifestyle.

Gustave is a true American icon.

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Please explain about gustave’s source.

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Gustave is a true badass.

Gustave is a REAL American Hero!

I remember when I was 10. I wanted to be Gustave.

don’t worry. we all have a part of gustave in our heart

Gustave is a good man.

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