The Official Hong Kong Server Has Become A Pure Mess

I am deeply sorry that I have to take the matter to here as it is getting worse by days.

So, I am a player from Hong Kong so I generally spent my time on the Official Hong Kong server. However, the server can be generally considered as a mess at this very moment:
The server is filled with people from different regions. Now usually this wouldn’t be a huge problem in other places, I guess. However in the HK server, it’s a war between regions/nations, involving both verbal and actual violent abuse. As you may know, the vast differences between East-Asian countries/regions(mostly The Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea) has lead to multiple not-peaceful-at-all relationships between them. These relationships has been brought into the HK server and the war is thus started.
At this very moment, the server’s chat box is filled with insults and foul languages(at least in four different languages). And people would kill you on sight only because you cannot identify yourself as a citizen of their regions. I am regret to say this, but the Korean players and the Mainland Chinese players are usually the ones to be blamed. They would insult from others’ nationalities to languages or from yourself to your family. What is to say, they have made the server one of the worst I have seen in my experience.
Their moral standards as players is critically low; You cannot make any possible communications with them. They would do anything to kill you instead of any actual interactions beforehand. Thus killing any enjoyment before we can actually enjoy the game itself.
I understand that PVP is a huge part of the game itself. Nonetheless, it has devoured all other parts of the games, rendering Rust nothing but an endless Counter-Strike death match with rocks, torches and arrows. There is no meaning in doing anything——You will get killed within 30 mins no matter what, with out any exception.

And this situation has become worse than ever after the new update; I even have trouble finding my own friends because we simply cannot make it to the rally-point in one piece.(the bow is so op) I believe this has ruined the overall game experience to a deep level. We, the residents who actually live in the same city where the server is located, abandoned the server as well as the game due to its terrifying server status. In the end, the server has nothing to related to us but it’s name; Still, it is heartbreaking to see a server in our city’s name slowly crumbles.

Now, a good news is that the serious hacking issue has seemed to be suspended after the new update. However, another problem will be the pirate copies users.(yes,many ,even after the update) This is quite noticeable when you see players with a random series of number as their names. I reckon that this is a violation to your rights as the developers of this game not to mention it is a violation to the law as well.

Regarding the problems mentioned above, setting up a Korean server as well as a Mainland server would be my suggestions. I believe this can relocate the players and thus returning peace to the HK server; I do not mean any discrimination towards players from these countries, however I cannot see any better options for the time being.
Additionally, I recommend a censorship on foul languages(including in all the languages) upon their submit to the chat box.

I hereby kindly ask anyone in charge to look into the matters asap. Me and my friends used to love your game. But all the harassment, hacks and other unbearable behaviors of these players have forced us to leave this game. If the problems mentioned cannot be solved, I’m afraid that my friends and I cannot support the game any longer.

I am looking forward to your reply.

I have the same opinion. As a player from Taiwan, I hope that there will be servers for different countries, so that there will be a better experience for all of us…Since that the latency of other players could be serious and affect the gameplay. I really hope these problems can be solved…Thank you.

I have the same opinion. From taiwan player,i hope more server in game,because many server player is to much.big team always kill new player in game is not fair, i know this is survive games,but i think asia player all want a low ping friendly game environment, i think developers don’t want to see this game just like cs and other shoting games, i really hope developers can hear players voices thank you be a nice day.

I agree to this statement. Different regions joining in a server are having problems with communication due to a language barrier. Add proper servers to compensate various people with different languages. Hong Kong is currently a pit of different people which no one can understand each other.

Hasn’t Face Punch always abandoned the Official Servers? Not that they should do this, but I think they never help moderate any servers. It does sound bad on that one.

Maybe some of you need to ask for moderation powers of that server.

This is the kind of scenario that will happen with only a handful of Official Servers available. I suggest adding more also (West Coast Canada plz :))

You can run your own server, if you want, and moderate it according to your rules. You’ll need to cover your own hosting, but the server files are freely available on SteamCMD. The official servers are unmonitored.

As for pirated copies of Rust, there’s not too much garry can do about that, but the regular updates to the client (and server) will force people to update, and pirates will have to find an updated copy to continue.

Normally I find myself in agreement of nearly all your replies and posts, elix, but not every one has the resources (money/time) to host their own. This isn’t really a viable solution, practically speaking.

I’m sure someone in Southeast Asia can work it out. Get a few friends together, everyone chips in a bit of cash every month, that makes up the hosting bill for a server that’s reasonably capable, and off they go. It’ll take a bit of organization, but it’s a lot more effective than waiting for garry to set up more regional servers just so you don’t have to play on one with people you dislike.

We’re adults here, and that means taking the initiative if you don’t like the options available.

If the topic was criticism of a specific gameplay element, like the OP didn’t like how building stability worked, that’d be one thing. However, this is something garry has no control over (nationalistic users choosing to be abusive) and the solution being requested is going to cost time and money from the development budget (either banning all the assholes or setting up and maintaining 3-5 more regional servers). Meanwhile, there is a low-cost solution available that anyone can take. You can even run the server out of your own house if you have a machine that can handle it and enough bandwidth to support connections.

And, you can whitelist the server so you can make sure you don’t have to deal with the idiots, whereas just because an official South Korean server gets set up, it doesn’t mean that all Korean players will play there. I imagine a number will continue to come into the HK server and throw shit around.

If you can think of a solution that is more expedient than garry setting up tons of regional servers and implementing region-locking because the Hong Kong server is a troll battleground, a solution that is also easier for the user than just running their own server (during the height of legacy’s popularity there were easily over 7,000 legit servers around the world, not even counting cracked servers, so it obviously can be done), I’m open to listening to it.

no, but it is about the only probable solution. i’m not convinced that fp can moderate the official servers so rigorously that players don’t kill people they can’t talk to. the inability to communicate effectively tends to make things tense enough that people stop trying to get along, and just kill each other on sight; i’ve experienced that plenty of times as an english speaking aussie who tends to be on HK or Singapore due to ping.

Your elaboration is more spot-on.

FP could most certainly moderate their servers, simply recruiting trusted volunteers to make it work. There is no doubt a hundred people willing to do so- for free.

As for players killing people they can’t talk to, this is moot… most kill anyone, regardless of language barriers, lack of mics or otherwise.

we’re basically saying the same thing. i don’t think fp could moderate that kind of behaviour without significant investment; even if that investment is in the form of having volunteers who act in line with fps preferences.

Agreed, at least in this stage of development. Their resources are devoted to the game’s core framework at the moment. I think appointing an outside community figurehead who can spearhead it exclusively, independent of development could work.

I guess my fds and I will just hv 2 wait… :frowning:

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Honestly, we really likes official servers becoz of its huge population compared to private servers. While we do not mind a bit trolling(it actually makes things interesting). But we just somehow can’t stand too many of them, i guess no one can…I mean like if you have to risk your family getting humiliated every time you talk, u wouldn’t be happy to be in the server right?

On the other hand, if we somehow manage to open a private server, we will just be playing with ourselves for most of the time. Sure u can build, create and get everything you want. But then…there really isn’t much points in the end…

Besides, same thing(hatred between nations, harassment, etc) happens in non-official servers too. We simply have to face them everywhere in the game…

I really like the idea of putting someone in charge of development in the community. But I’m worried that it may be more oriented on problems other than those in Asia…Coz, I mean not many Asian players are willing to participate in the actual development of the game;These problems have been long existed(even since the Legacy)…But haven’t been taken here until now.

While I’m definitely looking forward to actualizing the suggestion you guys have mentioned, I think we need a couple more of detailed countermeasures. Since that these problems are quite deep rooted due to the fact that it is actually a regional political problem… :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed. I don’t think calming political tensions in Asia on a global scale is in the budget for Rust. Possibly pooling money together to rent/maintain a server is your only immediate option.

Or possibly if they were to add options for muting text/voice chat. Honestly, these may already exist (I have never needed/looked for/noticed them before). But if you had that option, and you still want to play with friends, just use a 3rd party program for voice (there are tons, Ventrillo, Teamspeak, Skype, etc). You still may be playing with the same people, but at least the only thing you will notice is there physical behaviour in-game and their names.

Shit post, Im going to perm ban you.

Well, it’s not only about the chat any more…The situation involves random massacres and bullying in the game by some towards others.(not normal gang war in rust, no.) As far as I am concerned, many other games would open new servers for certain nations…That’s y I’d suggest it. But then, like you have said…this causes an increase in budget…so…i guess it’s a no… ;(

Now that I really don’t have the money and the willingness to open my very own private server…I guess I’ll just leave the game untouched for the moment.

I supposed they wouldnt be opposed to possibly opening up 1 or 2 servers in the near future. Maybe just suggest their next server location in the Asia area? Just dont expect a server in every Asian country tomorrow.

Message a Facepunch staff about it on these forums, or send a message on Reddit to a Facepunch staff.

Honestly, I would not bother with some random players know-it-all view about what Facepunch cares about or is able to do. Ask Facepunch if they can do anything about moderation on that server.

You might notice that a Facepunch staff account rated my post agree. :v: