The official Sassilization help thread

Mod Note: Usually we’d have people take problems like this to the community forums. But because you have to be able to join one of the servers to register on their forums, we’re keeping this thread alive. -UberMensch

Yesterday, i started playing Deathrun with my friend and he said that the Sassilization servers are a lot more fun so we joined it and after about 15 minutes of downloading, i was in the game. Once i was in i could not see anyone’s names above their heads, and the scoreboard didn’t work either. I can’t even talk to Carl!
If anyone can help please do because i really wanna play this game with my friend :stuck_out_tongue:


same here its pissing me off:bang:

Remove any custom player models or derma skins you have.

You need to post on the Sass forums.

Big hug to mod for unlocking this! I wasn’t able to find any help on this anywhere else… and my google-foo is not lacking. Finally I got my answers through various means but it was by far not easy… especially because of how the sassilization forums are handled.

So basically it goes like this:

In order to even view the sassilization forums, you need to login with an account. And in order to make an account to log into the forums, you have to join the sassilization lobby server in gmod and fill out the form that pops up when you enter.

BUT… some of us sassilization newbies are having bugs with the very gui interface providing this account registration feature… and thus are locked out of the sassilization forums, the only place we might hope to find a fix.


Are any of you guys still having this problem?

For me, the fix was that I was running meoowe’s funny color changing derma skin… and disabling it isn’t enough, I had to actually go into …\garrysmod\addons\derma\lua\skins\ and delete everything except default.lua

Ridiculously simple fix… yet not really documented outside of the sassilization forums with their silly in-game registration that’s quite a catch-22 with this bug.

As i said above, any custom playermodels or Derma skins cause this.

Hey guys,

              I could really use some help. Everytime I join a Sass server it works fine. I can talk to people, pick teams, play minigames, but when I go to join a sass game it loads,downloads the map, then kicks me for a "mismatch" error. Im missing a Gamebase_lua or something. I cant play any map and its really pissing me off.