The Official Turtle Thread

I’ve been working on a few new features for my turtle script. To tell you the truth, it’s popularity has taken my completely by surprise. I’m not going to add too much to the script, as the code’s simplicity is part of what makes it so awesome (at least as far as I can tell).

An example of something I’m thinking about adding is functionality for +using the turtle. Video:

Also, I need your opinions on whether or not to add TF2 hats…and if I do add them, whether to require tf2 in the cloudscript options. The turtle is fully functional without them, the hats are purely cosmetic. Example:

So does anybody know if there’s a function to check what games the client has installed/mounted? I could use that to dictate which hats he/she should be able to use.

Finally, a little background history on the turtle concept in general. It dates way back to when I was playing around with Expression 2 on the GME servers. My friend was teaching another friend how to use apply force. He had an e2 on a cinder block set to an interval of 1000. It applied force upwards and towards the player every execution, making it hop. I got bored and started playing around with different models. The turtle model was a perfect fit, and I just rolled with it from there. Good times.

Add the TF2 hats. Whoever doesn’t have TF2 should get it anyway.
Alternatively you could make 2 entities, a vanilla turtle and a pimp bro hat turtle.

I want the scout’s bonk hat. Would look so bad ass on them.

From a quick search of the wiki, there seem to be two functions that would allow you to check if TF2 is mounted:

**[G.GetMountableContent](** and **[G.GetMountedContent](**.

Can you ever kill them?

I don’t like turtles… I LOVE THEM.

It would be awesome if you made it so depending on what hat they wear changes what they can do. If it’s wearing a scout hat, it could go really fast (and maybe even double jump?). If it’s wearing a pyro hat it breathes fire when an enemy is near by or if you damage it.

That would ruin the cute simplicity of them


I Agree, and Disagree

Maybe have it so its rare for them to have a hat, and if they do, like blah said, Hats have special powers except they still jump xD and make a pop sound? For example, the Bonk hat would make it jump at a faster rate and make it jump twice?

This is just a suggestion but I hope it helps

It still wouldn’t be that rare, considering all you have to do is spam them until you get one.

But really, I don’t think much should be changed with these guys. Hats that don’t do anything would be great too.

Even spy likes them :3:

Nice, but why does he take THAT long to say “I like turtles”

He’s little retarded :rolleyes:

I modified your script myself a little to make them breed when they touch. Maybe add that as an option?

>>why does he take THAT long to say “I like turtles”


Script is awesome. The only my fav after big update that removed all favs.

Yes and yes.
Turtles + Hats = :love:
And if you don’t have Team Fortress 2, you basically own just a taste of the goodness that is Garry’s Mod in it’s primary form.

Why do you need Counter Strike?

The Turtle itself is from Counter-Strike.

The hats that occasionally appear on the turtles also come from Counter-Strike.

Perhaps you could make separate versions? Such as the normal CSS one, and then the normal one with TF2 hats?

That would be so awesome :smiley:

If user hasn’t TF2, only CSS models will display. If user has TF2, both CSS cap and TF2 hats will display.