The "Offroad-Buggy"

Hi Guys,

my first thread in is the presentation of my “Offroad-Buggy”.
This is my first constraption i have used Hydraulic and Elastic.

Look and See!

The Off-Road Buggyy

Download coming soon… I cant upload files ti

I’ve seen better, but…I’ve seen a lot worse. Does it turn? How far does it flex, can you get a video of it? Also, try adding some siding to it?

You can steer it and its Fully Suspension!

Download it here

I haven’t a whole lot worse

How do I drive Stability-Suspension steer like you an have Their???

Steering is now thruster based but in v2 its a real steering.
v2 comes next days

I’ll be waiting for v2 untill you get anything from me…

Sliders? Oh lawd!

I lol’d.

Oh fuck, remember what happened last time someone said ‘V2 cumin out soon it wil be way batar’.

It was Not pretty.

Wait wait wait… I just have to see if I got this right…: It’s exactly as wide as it is long… yeah.

Edito M’boungo:
Yes, that’s what the fucks wrong with it…

It’s actually wider than it’s lenght.
But still one of better nub things here.
But it doesn’t mean it’s good.