The Old Days in The Falklands

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Although, the heads on the two guys in the middle look a bit off. The way their neck connects to the rest of the body. This was an awesome screenshot none-the-less.

Looks like someone saw killer elite.

you know the british own the island when it has british weather

Dat chromatic abberation.

Did we really wear kevlar helmets in the falklands?

Very original idea. Also good to even see some pose with British soldiers.

1x Artistic :wink:

im not sure, there werent many pictures on google but i think it was mostly just berets

uh yeah we did

gotta have something to protect your head from shrapnel and berets don’t cut it

But they do look snazzy don’t they.

You shouldn’t use those Killing Floor models, they are horrible in quality. Nice picture otherwise.

i meant did we wear KEVLAR ones or did we wear surplus WWII-era tommy helmets?

the Falklands war was in the 80’s, harriers where being tested along with guided missiles. old pith helmets wouldn’t be up to standard

Wow, awesome.

please direct us to British soldiers then instead of rating people box shitlord

The Mark 6 helmets weren’t introduced until '86, the Falkland War was in '82.

I like the rain edit and the dreary setting.

The Mk6 Helmet was provided to many troops (mainly paras) as a prototype during '82-'86 (especially those in the Falklands who actually needed it, as it was first picked up in '82 by the army) but was not put into full use until '86.