The Old Republic Models

I’m looking for any models from Star Wars The Old Republic. Don’t have to be from the game, it can be custom made. I would really like to get my hands on some of those models if anyone has any.

No takers?? What do I have to do offer up some money?? Fine, I’ll be willing to pay for some models from The Old Republic (as long as it’s a reasonable price). Mostly looking for Darth Malgus, Republic Trooper’s, Jedi Robes and armor.

While I can’t port, I support this if it is at all possible to port from SWTOR.

yo porting takes time and you wont get replies instantly or even within the week, take that as your answer when no one replies, and paying someone to port licensed game models is a no.

I’ll be sure to keep THAT in mind when I do requests.

I support! :smiley:

Awhile back in the old Model Ports and Hacks WIP V2 thread i released the Hk droids and astromechs, but as far as i can tell no one put them into gmod

here are the links again

This I know… I’m not asking to pay for ported models. I will pay for models made from scratch. I would make them myself but I’m not good with creating models. Animations, rigging, and coding is all I know how to do. I will never pay for ported models from the game, but if anyone is willing to take there time and make these models with textures from scratch I then will however offer to pay for there time.

I woul love to see some models from SWTOR.

For isntance, one the sith inquisitor’s armor sets:

I’d actually love to see some of the vehicles ported from that game, such as the taxi.[/thumb]

I prefer the Bounty Hunter and Sith Warrior classes myself, along with these kick-ass ships:

(Second image is a large battleship)
The one gripe that I have is that there are so damn many armors for the Bounty Hunter that I can’t tell which one will make him more mandalorian-ish like so (minus the weird tube on his shoulder):

Pre Vizsla’s Darksaber wouldn’t hurt too:

Now someone made the D5 Mantis from The Old Republic…;121185 may not be like the one from the game but it’s dam sure close to it.

I’d love Twi’leks and the various tattoos and definitely Cathar :smiley: Also Toydarians though I don’t think they were in TOR

Thought I would share these…;116886;121589;117947;121279

All these models was made by Warb Null, I read the read me file and at the bottom of each one it says… Feel free to use this model as you please, no permission is required but please give me proper credit Thank You. They are in .ALO format, so if anyone needs them converted over to .3ds, or .Obj let me know.

Had a look a the links. The Sith Fury and the Station link have the files deleted or moved. Just letting you know.

keep refreshing, gamefront has problems with it’s gaming websites, it’ll come up sooner or later

yea, filefront and gamefront can be a pain at times… You just have to keep refreshing the page until it shows up. I have the models, so if anyone don’t won’t to go with the pain of refreshing the page several times I can upload them for download later today after work.

Well got them to work. They models look pretty sweet.

There is like an obscene amount of stuff from TOR that could ported over,think about if someone ported over all the playable races with the all body options and armors as bodygroups.

I’ll be honest, I’ve tried to use the EasyMYP program and could not for the life of me figured out how to get past the initial phase of loading the dictionary files. I can see DDS and XML shit, but I don’t know exactly where to go from there even after reading the README in the EasyMYP TOR build 3.6 and tutorial on Xen. If there is a better tutorial/site floating around I would port like crazy.