The Old Republic - Rajivari model -

Hi y’all.
I’m new to

I was on FleetAdmiral’s Star War’s model topic, and I saw that people contributed models ripped from The Old Republic.

I’m making a short animation film about the Founding of the Jedi Order. I posted this on the forum, and was very excited that I’d be getting closer to the making of this short film, but then my post was ignored.
I need these models.

Imma pay the 1st one who calls dibs 15$ on PAYPAL if he can give me the models before the 13th.


Ters Sendon

Garon Jard

Cala Brin


Default Flesh Raiders

Vadria Tallion

Cahel Tse

Orth Quane

and Emperor Vitiate

These models are at the beginning of the Game if you start as a Jedi Consular.

The first one to call dibs gets the payment.
1/3 before the job, and 2/3rds when the job is done.

Send them to me personally.

Thanks a whole bunch :slight_smile: !