The Old Republic rips/ports

Did anyone ever manage to rip/port anything from TOR? I ask because I would very much like to get the new HK models, as the one we currently have is kinnda crap. The model in question:

I’m currently in the process of installing the game right now. I’m not sure if it can be ripped from though, so we’ll see. I’m mainly wanting to get those taxi-like vehicles, but I’ll keep an eye out for that model.

Well, I managed to do it. The tricky part is extracting the .tor files, but the noesis plugin works well, though it doesn’t support bones yet.

These two threads on xentax help: EasyMYP and the Noesis Plugin.

edit: Yeesh, you’d think I could take a decent pic.

I love you.

That’s a pretty hot Bastila, where’s that from?

I made it, she’s kind of a frankenstein. Head and hair came from poser and re-topologized, the bodysuit is originally from EDI, everything else I made myself. I’ve been working on and off on a few of the squaddies from KOTOR, trying to get them up to mass effect quality. Thanks to the threads I posted above, I now don’t have to worry about T3 and Hk47.

Ah. . . Bastilla. I remember when this game first came out I saw my dad playing the game and thought she was naked. Good times. . . Good times.