The Olive Tree

Posted for another user due to issues regarding his forum status. Also cocks.

Very nice, Fumples. I liked the music and the rain. This was the first friendly Gmod movie that I’ve seen. Not bad, Fumples, not bad at all.

I rated artistic because it looked as such, but it failed to hold my interest.

I thought it was really good. Loved the style, coloring, some of the angles. There are some places I would fix up, some shots were bad, some bad lighting on others. But pretty good, defiantly one of the better gmod videos.



I love how you claim your not kurit, and claim you just came to this forum YET you know eric=fumples and doublehawks=fumples, when fumples been banned for a week, so i doubt you see his other threads.

This post is proof this user is kurit.

also the pacing on the video was meh

All songs were by Kerry Muzzey.

Howard Sees the Sky
Rainbow Bridge


If you’d rather see “LMAO GMOD STUPID STUFF EPISODE 2” let me know.

Sorry, haven’t check back with this thread for a few days to realize the new comment. I did not know that Fumple’s name was eric. I know DoubleHawk Films is fumples because I looked at his recent activity on his youtube account and found that he’s posted in the Fumple’s Song video. Why do you people see saying I’m kurit, is it the timing or what?

you’re attitude, and timing, and kurit said he had alts.

The second you post a thread that has the crap quality that kurit has everyone will instantly know its you.

it doesn’t sound like him… and stop shitting up this thread, if you have a problem talk to a moderator, thanks.

I don’t know what else to say then, I’m me lol, not kurit. I’m still praticing with Gmod so of course my work is going to be crappy.

Well I liked it!

Was really hard to choke down… I’m sorta on the verge of tears to be honest.

I haven’t seen an artistic machinima in ages!
Thank you! Thank you so fucking much! I love you.

I enjoyed this very much, you did a great job.

Thanks for the kind words guys. I’m glad it had as much artistic effect than it did emotional.