The Omar from Deus Ex: Invisible War.

One of the factions of Deus Ex: Invisible War (A game I will get in the future) I’ve heard about is the Omar. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to port the Omar Trader and Protector model from the game, I know it is on the Unreal 2 engine so I believe it shouldn’t be too hard to rip the models from the game, all I ask for is that they have finger posing capability if possible.

The references are below.

Omar Protector:

Omar Trader:

It was funny back in the day because we have a creme candy called Omar.

You might want to check if the High Res mod has textures for them since last time I played it I don’t remember the Omar looking that ugly.

I didn’t see any screenshots to indicate whether the Omar were enhanced or not. But I can’t tell whether they are enhanced or not because I do not have Invisible War. I found these pictures on the Deus Ex wiki and it is possible that someone set the quality settings for the game to low before they took these screenshots.

Sadly ripping anything from DXiw is a serious bitch. And I only managed to get one model out and that with broken UVW maps as well as messed up triangulation.

But yeah, those Omarr do look lodded. Remember the ones ingame looking better.

So are you saying it would be nearly impossible to rip them or are you saying it is just harder then hell to do it.

Well, if he says that he didn’t succesfully manage to port a single working model from the game.
And considering his porting history, I’d assume it’s nearly impossible.

Oh, that is unfortunate. I’ve been trying to find some decent ports from Deus Ex or Deus Ex Invisible war, but the problem is Deus Ex: GOTY has low-res models, and if what you told me about DEIW is true, then I’m probably not going to be able to find any decent Deus Ex models in a while.

It’s probably possible with some other tools or methods, I’ve heard of someone having some ported models for San Andreas but never seen them.
Just my attempts kinda went south.

This was more or less as far as I got, before scraping the thing and reworking the base mesh into something closer to the intro. Still need to texture that though.

Damn, I loved this game… I remember it looking better though. Oh, the corruption of memory…

Well if it isn’t possible to port the Omar would it be possible to port the Bravo-3 Peacebringer from the first Deus Ex game?


quite surprised we don’t have lots of deus ex stuff in gmod. Surely that would have a lot of fans?

If someone can get me some good models then i wouldnt mind trying deus ex like reskins on them :slight_smile:

here is the Omar trader model I ripped and rigged for GTA sometime ago (in good pose)
this one is not in tpose but it would be easy to fix. I have one in tpose but it is in GTA DFF format, my 3DS Max has crashed and my lazy ass is too lazy to resintall so I can’t export it as 3ds format for now, unless you can, I could send it to you.

Thanks man! Now all we need is someone to work on this.

waithcat is a she

Speaking of Wraithcat, I wonder if she could work on that model that badboy posted up.

What program did you use to rip the stuff? Would love to know, if only to just get the templar.

I would like to know as well, just for a future reference if I ever get into porting and modeling. Anyway, you’d be willing to work on this Wraithcat?

I’m using 3DX ripper as usual (I’m using XP SP3 btw)
when I ripped models in this game, my game is crashed to windows and it gave me some error. however when I checked my ripped folder, there are actually models and textures were ripped, but you need to find a correct texture by checking each of file (because the texture that when you import in 3DS Max is bumpmap texture of the model)
here are some models I had ripped sometimes ago (I used to rig them for GTA and using with Alien City mod, fit the theme perfectly :P)

Oh you must have gotten luckier than me then. I always had completely broken 3dr’s

And well I’m certainly looking at the Omar. It’s missing normals though. (should be able to find the textures myself I think)

I don’t have the bumpmap because I was planning to rig them for GTA (and GTA doesn’t need bumpmap texture)
well, if anyone really interested in bringing these models for Gmod, I could try to rip some more