The Omega Spaceport - Tali during her Pilgrimage


Nothing hugely special, just loving Mass Effect 2.

Woah, really nice screenshot you got there.

The only thing bugging me is Liara, but I understand there are not many Asari models, hm?

So Liara is the only Asari who wears that outfit?
Thanks though!

I didn’t say she is the only Asari that wears that, I’m just pointing out that she uses that outfit during the whole first game (except when in combat).

Didn’t mean to sound hostile or anything :frowning:

Heh, thats okay. I know what you mean. We need more Asari.

We ALWAYS need more Asari :q:


Also, what map is that?

woah nice picture you got there, have an artistic

The map is called dm_cloudcity.

I really like what you did to Tali’s mask as well, good work!

Ah yeah thanks! It’s so unbelievably flat without any kind of editing. The new Tali’s mask from ME 2 looks far better.

Seems a tad over-sharpened, but you’ve nailed the style of ME, Great job

I had the Liara ragdoll, but I don’t remember what happened to it!!!


Also, I love it, but I thought she wore purple armor?
The model could be in there, but I’m not entirely sure.

Back in ME1, Liara used to wear that outfit when aboard the Normandy. But I can’t quite remember what she wears in ME2. Besides, this isn’t supposed to be Liara in my pic, but a good lookalike nevertheless. ;p

Damn, looks very masseffecty.


I was talking about Tali’s purple armor,lol

Oh crap, you said Liara first and, ah, yeah.

Yeah, she does wear that purple armour, but I thought she might have had a change of outfit while she was travelling around the galaxy. She needs cleans clothes now and again ya know.

That, and the original model of Tali I have has one really messed up arm.

one small boob, one big boob.

Great work. The style is almost perfectly like Mass Effect.

Thanks dude. Kudos to Joazzz for giving me the tip on how to create the lighting.

I just looked at the original, and I’m really impressed by how much of the lighting is in-game. It really looks like all you’ve had to do is up the contrast and mess about with a bunch of sliders, rather than doing manual editing work. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing at all - it’s fantastic use of Garry’s Mod.