"The Oncoming Storm" - Doctor standing in front of a crashed, flaming Space Station

My fitting thread music is back:




Originals if you wanna crack at editing


INSPIRATION(There are similar images that inspired me too)

:downs: :downs: :downs: :downs: :downs: :downs: :downs: :downs: :downs:

Needs less PHX and an actual Space station model.

Originals are better than the edited.
Dont use phx for the space station.

It’s a map entity i decided to use

Also the editing just improved the lighting incase you’re blind :downs:

The posing is really stiff and akward, you should listen to your own C&C that you give to other people.
The phx looks really ugly, needs a different model, angle is wierd and his facial expression makes no sense.

@All complaining about PHX:
Would you rather i had the fucking Covenant capital ship in a DOCTOR WHO POSE? :downs:

Dr. Who?

What? Dr. Who!? This doesnt even remotely look like doctor who.

Can’t believe you didn’t notice the big blue police box,

And it’s a REGENERATED Doctor, not the tenth, :downs:

The 2D, PHX thing really ruins any chance this picture had at being good.

You could have used one of the EVE’s ship models.

GOOD ADVICE! :downs:

Especially considering the fact not only did you not provide a link i DON’T HAVE THOSE MODELS. :downs:

Are you unable to look for yourself?

Seriously, Deathbucket. Santz was trying to help you out and you have replied to him like an absolute asshole. There was really no need for the aggression in your post. If you really wish to gain any sort of respect on the forum you should attempt to speak to people with more proper etiquette.

Its called searching.

Well done on shitting on my thread guys.

You shat on your own thread when you began shouting at anyone who left a comment not entirely to your liking.

I love how everyone has to nitpick everything and never posts about ANY Good qualities of anything

You people act as if we’re doing this to please you, not to give to the community


There aren’t many good qualities to speak of. I guess the posing is okay though.

And surely by giving to the community you are trying to please people? I think Akita pretty much summed it up with that emoticon.

I’m absoloutely astounded off my feet that nobody noticed the extremely high level of sarcasm/satire in my posts