The one thing that bugged me in Zombieland.

Saw it last night along with the Hurtlocker, and I gotta say, this bugged me.

Tanks are a bit complicated to drive and control you know.

Everyone and their grandmother can drive a tank. I lerned it from CoD series lol

If I was in a zombie apocalypse I’d atleast try to learn.


W key and click!

And how exactly would you plan to refuel this tank at a normal petrol station?

Raid a military base.

You’re not thinking realisticly.

You wouldn’t know how to drive it, fuel would be hard to come by, and if you had zombies crawling all over it and they somehow got in you’d be trapped as there is only 1 entrance/exit.

Your in a tank, you can’t be trapped by (what used to be) people.

Haha I saw Zombieland for the first time yesterday too.

Granted on one and two, but the zombies all over wouldn’t be a problem.




I dont remember a tank in Zombieland. I thought they found the Hummer and drove off?
Could anyone link a pic/video of the area in question?

That looks like the laziest Photoshop ever.


Apart from the text edited onto your picture of course.

You act like I actually edit my pictures all the time.

I’d walk. I’m an ecologist.

zombies are everywhere…and you’re worried about what will happen if you drive something? all this makes me want to see the movie

That’s where I live :3:

That part in the movie with the tank confused me because I don’t know what kind of tank it is. Wouldnt an Abrahms have been more appropriate for the scene?