"The One True Use For The RPG-7"

Super Sex Vman Edition


I shall (and actually will) work on another comic tomorrow after I get up.

I just noticed that some of the dirt from the explosion makes the RPG look like it curved down sharply right before it impacted. It’s not supposed to look like that.

I don’t think that realism was the goal here.


This owns. Please make more.

Great explosion!

Nice explosion.


Such is life in the soviet union.

Really man, just… stop.

Muthafucka go boom.

Haha nice DOF. What map is that?


That’s a nice explosion.

That is a SEXY explosion.

Such is life in TnB SRP.

Only when Dave comes around, but, thankfully he doesn’t though. I need to get back on the server and play more. I made a killing off of finding gear off of dead people :v:


dat explosion

You must address one as STALKER in these parts you see boys and girls.

Foreigners make the same mistake.