The only problem about ghillied sniper rifles

Is that they’d get lost in the goddamn long grass (Which also contains Pokemon).

**I RETURN **(Forgot my accounts password hurr)

I hate the graphics are they maxed out?
Where is the Pokemon?
And what exactly is going?
It’s generic.

Maybe the title offers insight wait no course not
Is that really worth saying anymore.

Haha nice picture.
Good to have you back.

No lighting and blocky grass.
Good posing, tho.

Well well, you’ve got 2000 more posts than last time I saw you :smiley:

Great scene build, only complaint is the trees in the back. But you can’t complain about that. One question though, ingame editing only?

Pretty much, expect for the boarder and grain.

Just played with the Colour and Bloom mod.

it needs more bloom and fog


mostly fog tho

Why do you like fog so much Kracka Jacka?

because its foggy

Wow it surely has passed alot of time.
Welcome back.


Cool scenebuild.

I can tell how long I’ve been gone because everyone has 5000+ posts :smiley:

no just me


and santz

Lol Nice.

An actual Ghilli problem is their suit is a major fire hazard.
The more ya know!

Lol. Nice job.

But I lost my ghillied sniper rifle in there.

Nice posing, good job on the humor.

Let’s not mention Chesty who has +10,000 posts.

Also thanks everyone :3

chesty is a nerde

Someone go out of their way to find the rifle.