The Organ Collector 2: Evolution.

Link to ‘The Organ Collector’:
Link to ‘The Organ Collector 3: Sacrafice’:

Creepy and awesome at the same time.

Creepy and awesome,is that based on a real story?

If it is I didn’t know about it. I’m just making this up.

well it seems like a real story,i getting sucked into it nice work man


I thought the last point was a bit of a throw-away. I think the idea would have been better left to the imagination as to how it is in two places at once. It could have had an ominous ending with just ‘The Terror is back. It has evolved’.

I like the idea. As for the picture, the only thing that really bugs me is “The Organ Collector’s” pose. It doesn’t seem too intimidating so much as it seems like lazy posing.

I’ll be making a third and final one soon…like tomorrow or the day after.

“Reeeeepo Maaaaaan”
I’m sorry, But it still reminds me of this song

:siren: Not thread music :siren:

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I still love the Pose

Oh god that is fucking terrifying.

Your story reminds me of a Stephen King short story called “The Road Virus Heads North.”

Why they sing about my surname, Repo?

Maybe they knew you would listen to it :o