The Organ Collector 3: Sacrafice.

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So first he goes for the organs,and now their brains? This is a kick-ass story man love it

I did it like a film series, the third makes no sence and always sucks.

but the brain is an organ

Interesting story idea I can say, I’m entertained.
Will there be more ? :smiley:

Here comes the next one XD

“Its a thankless job, but somebody’s got to do it!”

:siren: Not Thread Music! :siren:

I love the series man

No, this was the final one.

I think a more macabre ending would have worked better for you imo.

Still a pretty interesting idea, I could imagine a film or book being based off this.

The skin is too.

the skin is the largest organ that we’ve got

I wanted it to have some what of a peacefull ending. A film would make me laugh because it would be laid out the way I did it. Third would make no sence and suck…just like this! :buddy:

You should of had him like, burned in the hotel

I liked how this series of pictures was somewhat like current event points. Which is why I didn’t like the 2008 ‘post’. It defected from that idea.

But I did enjoy the series. Good work.

I’m sorry but I have to say this

“Its not the largest organ I’ve got”

the posing is weird…

I might try something like this, but more repo like