The Organization

  • Tired of a boring RP ?
  • Wanna to make a perfect heist with hostaging and stuff?
  • Or you just hate RP and you want to kick admins ass?

So what is an organization?
It is a group of facepunch players , that plays rp the way THEY want
So , underground drug dealing , mayor hostaging , jailbreaking ,catching people and making and underground fight-to-live show and lots of others epic (funny) things you can do.

If you want to join The organization you should follow the rules :

  1. If someone is standing in “Organizations way” he will be added to the “blacklist”. If organization member sees someone from the blacklist on ANY server he should shoot him on sight ( at least once) . Blacklist with unlucky Steam Id’s will be posted and regularly updated in steam group profile .
    2.Organization members coordinates their actions in steam chat
  2. Any organization member can post next server he want the organization to join .
  3. If someone spams Steam group or betrays the organization he will be banned forever and added in the “blacklist”

This sounds fucking retarded. Remember to wear a clan tag so I can ban your stupid members.


This is the opposite of roleplay.

I have to go with Axiom on this one…

thats the point


Dont think Im a mingebag trying to break all the servers . I really enjoy roleplaying.
I just hate servers , where admins are flying into your house with NOCLIP stealing all things you have and banning you , because you put a defensive turret in front of your “loot”

then obviously you aren’t visiting role-play servers.

Only tacoscript , cakescript , Epidemnic and DarkRp(but get disconnected in 5 minutes because of mass mingebagging)

As long as you only join server’s that are already currently over populated with minge’s im completely okay with this.

Yep , only “FunRP” or semi-semi-semi-semi serious Rp

Im in then. :ninja:

Wow, just wow. this will ruin someones time on garrysmod. people in your group will join their game in prgress, murdering them whilst having fun. no offense but get rid of that, it WILL ruin lots of peoples time on garrysmod.
If it turns out to be good, i’ll see what it’s like k?

What the hell.

We roleplay the way we want. Ok… There is no theme and no general organisation in the organisation.

  • I want to rp being a whore, play with me
  • Fuck off, i am doing horse rp!
  • Nooooooo play my idea

So it’s gonna be a Chaosy Orgnaisation that spreads stupid crap like DM everywhere on everyserver. The Organisation is gonna be banned from every serious rp and will be treated as a band of dumb idiots.

So you’re going to kick admins’ asses. Sounds logical… Only hitch in your plan is the ability to permaban morons like yourself.

I did write this when I was bored on holidays and copy pasted it here , so everything can change

sounds worse than darkrp

Wow, this it extremely stupid.

Thats what makes it fun.

Sounds like fun.

Its like a hitman service for rp servers.

No, your missing the point. Rp is supposed to be fun, that fun is something someone makes on there own decision not someone like you. Stop being idiots and grow up, if you don’t like there server than LEAVE. Its there damn server they can run it the way they want to. Grow up and get out of the Roleplay section.

:words: DM FEST