The original 1939 Detective Comics 27 Batman

You could probably use an existing model to make this, like, slant the ears a bit, add new gloves, etc.

I’d imagine the body and boots from MK vs DCU Batman, belt cowl and face from Arkham Batman, maybe MK vs DCU jokers gloves, and i could do the re-texturing.

And if someone could fix the Phys. on the cape so it doesnt weigh the model down like a fucking cement brick, i’d be happy.


Batman with a gun…wrong on at least a few levels.

Batman with a gun: The original batman comics was a pulp detective thing and he used a gun and killed very often, but in the 60’s they made him more kid friendly.

And this was born:

Well I was mainly referring to the fact that his parents were killed by some punk with a gun and he’s more than badass enough to not need one. Oh and I’m quite aware of the old school Batman fatalities.

Also, that atrocity isn’t simply a result of them taking his guns away…he had other problems during that era.

Financial issues, kid friendly, the comics code, yeah.

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Batman wasnt selling much at the time and was gonna get canned.

West ol boy saved him.