The Original SMG skin from HL2 in CSGO

This is my first skin and I’ve always wanted to see the original SMG from HL2 in CSGO. So today I made my first texture and created an old worn out version of the SMG Gordon used.

Weapon description:“Some reports say that a scientist that went by the name ‘Morgan?’ used this gun to fend off a regime or militia or something called the ‘Combined’ in Europe back in 2004, Heh can’t trust anything these days” Link for if you want to download it or vote for it.

Unfortunately it will never be accepted for in-game use, in fact it might be rejected after you start getting some notice, because it isn’t original work. Believe me, I tried submitting a meme sticker and they rejected it a few days later.

EDIT: unless I misunderstood it, my point stands

Accept for the fact that it is not directly Gordons SMG It’s based on it so maybe Valve will look past it.

In my opinion the contrasting colors clash too heavily to look pretty, but other then that it’s neat.