The Other Clans+ Bonus

More of the mechs

Desert Knockers

Eastern Defenders!_copy.jpg

Plus Operations in Degestan and Chechnya ,The Chechen Rebellion

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Love them all except the last one because of the horrible proportions of the ragdolls.

Fucking Rad.

So many penis jokes for the second one…

Nice job.

I guess its because they weren’t rigged well. Thats what i heard

Clans? Mechs?


The second one is very cool.

Amazing constraptions!

fucking love mech warrior, browsing the thread inspired me

were do you guys get this gore? or is it just 100% photoshop

lol tiny legs

Wow. Awesome!

Can i get some model links, please?

i know his knees are bent but the angle makes it look like hes got short legs