The other side /Scenebuild/

Try to imagine the wall is actually there and it’s just an ehm… effect for you to see through.

It’s at the usual map and no edit.

May I please know how did you make the floor ? (I never got to understand how people make spawn them)

Other than that it’s well done. Has a surreal touch to it.

appearently most of his models and effects are private, which kinda sucks knowing none of us can replicate such a scenebuild with our own imaginations

Why not using Super DoF?


You could try modeling an empty room in hammer and then compiling it with propper.

The floor is just a flat prop with a material from the materials tool applied to it.

I mostly use this pack to build floors/walls:

This also has some useful props:

and of course I use materials on them from various sources.

That’s not true at all!
Point anything on this picture and I tell you where I got it or how I did it.

Actually there is no DoF in this image. That is the steam stool simulating the heat effect from the fire. It was a bad choice though.

I don’t know how you manage to keep pulling this crap off but it’s damned spectacular.

Beautiful lighting. Looks like a very nice movie transition.

And, it’s kind of trippy in a way, which I also enjoy.

Again, thanks for comments!

pretty nice. steam rising off of the coffee looks iffy though